Halloween Night Scares Up Pizza Sales

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SCRANTON -- On Halloween night, it seems ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are hungry for more than just sweets. They want dough and sauce and bubbling cheese, like the kind they serve at Fratelli's Pizza and Pasta House in Scranton.

"Halloween night the past couple of years has become very busy with pizza, so a lot of people are throwing parties for their kids and actually a lot of grown-up parties, as well and they just come in and they're ordering a lot of pizza,” said Dino Puteri, of Fratelli’s Pizza and Pasta House.

At Maroni's on Scranton's west side, the pizza boxes were stacked high, ready for hungry superheroes and scary witches.

"It's becoming one of the biggest nights of the year, I guess because parents are busy with their kids to take them out trick or treating, but it is one of the bigger nights of the year,” said Carmen Pellegrino of Maroni’s Pizza.

Halloween has quickly become one of the biggest days of the year for pizza sales and folks do not seem surprised.

“People you know they're getting their children ready to go Halloweening and it's busy. Parents work so, yeah, it's a fast meal,” said Frances Fordiani of Clarks Summit.

When it comes to the biggest night of the year for pizza, that remains Super Bowl Sunday, but Halloween, it's creeping up there.

"There's about five, six days during the year where they light up in your mind and say this is going to be one of those nights and Halloween night is becoming one of those,” said Pellegrino.

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and the night before Thanksgiving are also big days for pizza sales.

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  • PrettyTony

    Goofballs round here puttin american cheese on pies. Not a pizza! I can believe i gotta drive all way back to the city for a meal. Maybe stop spendin all your money on hooch and you can afford real cheese.

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