Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Scranton

SCRANTON -- The mayor's annual prayer breakfast was held Thursday morning at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton.

The annual event, hosted by Scranton Tomorrow, brings together various members of the community.

This year's theme was "Then and Now."

Among the speakers was former Scranton Mayor Gene Peters who paid tribute to the late Congressman Joe McDade.

The Scranton High School Knight Rhythms provided musical selections.


  • Rev. Mike Bealla

    Thanks to the Mayor, Scranton Tomorrow and especially to those wonderful students from Scranton High. To hear their voices remind us that we can overcome the divisions that separate us and that young people will most likely provide the hope we need for tomorrow!!

  • Get real

    The Scranton School Board must investigate this. Adminstrators at the HS that permitted this need to be investigated. It is plainly unlawful to use children and taxpayer resources in this way.

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