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‘Poconos for Puerto Rico’ Relief Efforts Paying Off

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of pounds of supplies were picked up in Monroe County Wednesday to be sent to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

This is the first of two giant shipments that were collected by a group called "Poconos for Puerto Rico."

Those supplies are expected to be sent to the island this weekend.

A dozen pallets of food, water, clothing, and other materials were packed up and shipped to a warehouse in Philadelphia. From there they will be shipped down to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Some of those victims are family members of people who live in Monroe County.

"My father is in Rio Grande in Puerto Rico and after not hearing from him for a few days, I kind of was getting anxious and anxiety and really frustrated that I couldn't speak to him so I decided to go to Facebook and see if we can get people to get together and try to help out, support each other and it became huge," Shayla Broccoli said.

"Poconos for Puerto Rico" kept the supplies at Wesleyan Church in Stroud Township.

Many of the items came from businesses, organizations, and local leaders.

Volunteers can't believe how much was donated in just a few weeks.

"They need everything that we have here and it's just heartbreaking what is happening," said Mike Abate.

Several pallets will be loaded into the truck and then it will be delivered to Philadelphia. From there, all of theĀ supplies will be sent to Puerto Rico as soon as possible.

Volunteers say the green light to get these items shipped to Puerto Rico came with a little extra help from Governor Tom Wolf's office.

Supplies are expected to be shipped out as soon as this weekend.

It's a relief to Irene Sorano who has family in Puerto Rico, many who are still living without basic necessities.

"I'm overwhelmed and this has come with God's blessing. People have given from their heart and in a time when we are so worried about so many things in life, people have come together," Sorano said.

Eight more pallets are expected to be picked up and sent to a warehouse in Brooklyn for another shipment leaving for Puerto Rico in the coming weeks.

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  • Buford T. Justice

    There are local families and children who can’t even afford clothes and food and we are helping Puerto Rico? Help your own first!

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