School-Issued Laptop Battery Melts, Raising Concerns In Warrior Run

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LEWIS TOWNSHIP -- Warrior Run School District officials are warning students after a school-issued Chromebook malfunctioned.

A student’s laptop battery recently melted, damaging the case of the laptop inside her backpack.

It happened inside her family’s vehicle and no one was injured, but people in the district are concerned.

"Hearing that they malfunctioned like that, it's a big worry. Honestly, I mean that's kids’ lives, kids belongings,” said Myron Dyer of Turbotville.

According to Warrior Run's superintendent, a malfunctioning battery was to blame.

The district in the Turbotville area has issued Chromebooks to students for more than five years.

This is the first year students have been allowed to take the laptops home and the first time there's been a problem like this.

"I wouldn't want that to happen. I have twin daughters that are almost 12 and my son is eight. Yeah. I wouldn't want that to happen to them for sure,” said Andy Moser of Milton.

"It's a little concerning, but it happens with cell phones and other things, you just have to be careful,” said Nicole Walburn of Turbotville.

School officials said they have been in contact with Dell and according to the company, this was an isolated incident, but they warn anytime a device has a lithium battery, there is a chance for a malfunction.

"If there's more than one I would say recall them. If it's one, I say see if it happens again,” said Moser.

Warrior Run school officials sent a letter home to students and parents warning them to "...monitor their devices when in use and when charging."

"They pretty much all have electronics nowadays so they all know to watch for it and unplug when they're not in use,” said Walburn.

Last month school district in Massachusetts recalled more than one-thousand Chromebooks issued to students after one of the laptops started smoking.

Warrior Run officials say because this was an isolated incident, they will not be recalling the laptops.


  • warningfakenews

    “Last month school district in Massachusetts recalled more than one-thousand Chromebooks issued to students after one of the laptops started smoking.”

    Well, that’s probably as bad for those devices as it is with humans! I’d worry about 2nd hand smoke from it, too. Where are these laptops getting the cash to buy cigarettes, anyhow? Probably from our stolen credit card info.

  • Dell junk

    I love the attitude of Dell: ‘Yeah, sure – this thing will probably overheat and burn your house down. What do you want us to do about it? It’s not our problem.’

  • cheap tightwad

    Have the schools made themselves obsolete? You can do it all on a disc. No more teachers, administrators, and buildings.

  • III%

    This will be a traumatic experience for someone and require counseling and a emotional support dog why because this is what our country has become

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