Schuylkill County Auto Shop Displays Creative Signs

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NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP -- AAMCO of Pottsville Total Car Care has a unique way of catching its customers' attention.

Driving along Route 61 near Pottsville, a sign offering "pumpkin spice" motor oil might have caught your eye. It caught Jim Kelly's of Scranton.

"I had to get a picture of this one," Kelly said. "I think that's a riot."

The sign caught Newswatch 16's eye, too. We went inside the business where it's located.

"We used to put all kinds of specials up out there and they never got any feedback, never," said Ken Worrall, AAMCO of Pottsville Total Car Care. "One day, we were feeling quirky. We all kind of have a sense of humor and we just decided, alright, we're just going to put some funny stuff on."

He said his staff started coming up with different sayings for their sign about five years ago.

"We'll sit here and brainstorm and whoever is giggling, that's what makes it to the sign," Worrall said.

The other side of the pumpkin spice sign says, "Things that tell the truth: small children, drunk people, and yoga pants."

The signs can be funny.

"I need a six-month vacation, twice a year," AAMCO of Pottsville Total Car Care Technician Douglas Homewood said. "That was one of my favorites."

Others are more holiday-themed.

"We had, "Honk if you love America," and we had that on for a few weeks," AAMCO of Pottsville Total Car Care owner Tom Bashinsky said. "We had people constantly blowing the horns."

Whatever the sign may say, the goal is still the same.

"If we bring a smile to somebody's face once a day, we did our job," Worrall said. "If we fixed their car and they're safe, we did our job, times two."


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