Woman Killed in Crash Involving Car, Dump Truck

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LAKE TOWNSHIP -- A woman from Lake Ariel was killed in a crash in Wayne County.

The wreck happened just before 6 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Route 191 and Tisdel Road near Lake Ariel.

State police say a vehicle was crossing Route 191 at Tisdel Road when a dump truck slammed into it.

Troopers say a passenger in the car, Tiffany Koerner, 25, was killed. She was not wearing a seatbelt.

A 2-year-old girl in the car is also hurt.

State police continue to investigate the deadly crash.


  • Sue

    prayers to the families of all involved. A sad situation indeed, regardless of fault. It is not our place to judge. To all you folks who feel you need to judge in a situation like this.. just remember karma.

  • no

    Such a loss for the community. Tiffany served her community at a local fire house. Thoughts to all her family and friends.
    That is a very dangerous intersection! I’m honestly not too sure if a seat belt would have saved her if it was her side of the car that was impacted

  • Frank Rizzo

    Regardless of who’s fault it was, this is why you need to wear a seat belt. 90% of these articles where someone dies, its because they weren’t wearing one. Seat belt fines should be almost as much as a DUI, and cars should have more features to not shut off the beeping by not wearing one, make it really loud, disable the stereo, and the ability to detect that the person clipped it behind them, instead of in front of them.

  • 🤔

    Prayers to her family and friends. 191 is like a race track. The speed limit is 50 before you hit Lake Ariel and 55 once you go through it to go toward Hamlin. People do not do the speed limit . Then you have people trying to turn onto it to try to beat the oncoming traffic. Happens all the time. Everyone needs to slow down and stop trying to beat the traffic.

  • Henry ford

    It’s a shame that cars these days don’t have seat belts or turn signals on them, or brakes that stop them at red lights, or speedometers that tell you when you’re going over the posted speed limit.

    • SMDH

      From this report you are going to slam the CDL driver? Thanks to WNEP’s crack reporting, devoid of detail (pretty much standard fare for them), we don’t know the circumstances of this incident. The car could have pulled straight into the path of the dump truck. Unless you know otherwise and have information we can’t read here, there is way too little in this story to immediately blame the truck driver.

      • richen

        Tisdel Rd. has rumble strips & a stop sign, 191 is 50 MPH, That Truck Driver may have been put in a no win situation. Wait before you blame CDL Drivers.

      • Smh

        I’m a CDL holder myself and I WILL blame incompetent CDL holders if i choose. These guys, and gals are making MY job almost intolerable due the crap I receive from the cops and the public due to these negative stories.

      • 38853885

        From what I understand from the information that I have, the car never stopped before crossing 191. I drive this section of road every day and I see cars running that stop sing all the time. I’ve almost hit cars at this intersection that just pull out without looking. This is a tragedy, but maybe it will wake up the people the drive in this area.

    • shutupstupid

      Incompetent CDL holders? Hmmm, anywhere from several weeks to several months of in class training, then an average of a couple of weeks of on road training before they can get a CDL, then an average of 6 weeks training
      behind the wheel with an experienced driver when hired by a company, not to mention a yearly physical in order to continue drivng a truck. Yeah, so incompetent……

      • Smh

        Shutupstupid- Like I said, I’m a Cdl holder. A competent CDL holder. Why am I a perfect truck driver with a perfect driving record? I’ve done all of the aforementioned training, schooling, physicals, etc. Why am I so good and everybody else sucks? If they can’t big rig it properly, get a factory job and get off my road!

    • yuiki

      Trains are so much cleaner and cost effective. And plus they will eliminate trucks stops which would eliminate prostitution, drugs and kidnappings

      • yuiki

        @Oh snap! Who cares about Walmarts, beer distributors, Turkey Hills. Those places are for low lives. As far as my Mama anything can pull into her as long as you give her cigarettes

      • Steve Austin

        I’ve loved trains since age 14 but please face reality. How else are you going to do local deliveries? Everything you ever owned has been on a truck. Give it a week without trucks and the country would collapse. No food, no meds, no gasoline, no anything. Have respect for truck drivers! They bring you ALL of your things. I am saddened when I see these articles, and I won’t judge but stats are that 90% of truck crashes are caused by cars. If she/he in the car pulled into the path of the truck and he couldn’t stop in time, he will be majorly traumatized and have to live with that, along with the other driver. God be with all involved.

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