Soccer Fans Disappointed by U.S. Men’s National Team Loss   

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It wasn't hard to find a soccer fan on the Pennsylvania College of Technology Campus in Williamsport, but then again, we did park near the soccer field. It’s is where we met Taylor Gonzales. She's the goalie for the women's team here.

"We actually do have a lot of fans. We fill up the bleachers a lot, which is awesome here," said Taylor Gonzales.

"A lot more people have been watching the U.S. National Team, because they have been getting better over the years, except for last night's game,” said Randy Vance.

For the first time since 1986, the U.S. Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup. The loss to Trinidad and Tobago came as a surprise to soccer fans. The game has gained popularity here in the states over the past decade.

"They got to come back next year and try again," said Gonzales.

A forward for the men’s soccer team at Penn College, Randy Vance is hopeful that growing fan base will stick around even with the loss.

"I think a lot of people who are ‘bandwagoners’ or people who just started to watch might lose interest in the sport, but for people who have been playing for as long as I have; it's for the love of the game," said Vance.

"I watch when the World Cup comes on but I don't follow it," said Carly Engle.

Carly Engle is studying occupational therapy. She used to play soccer in high school.

"When I was playing soccer, I maybe cared a little bit more, but now I don't play as much and I follow it when I can," said Engle.

Whether the U.S. team is winning or not, Vance thinks kids like him will always want to play the sport. He says the only difference now is that young players today have more popular us players to look up to.

"They've been that player since last year or the since last World Cup. They are going to be the same player this year. They just got eliminated. It's not the end of the world. You win some, you lose some," said Vance.

It's that love of the game Vance says will never change.



    You mean all six fans were disappointed? Soccer is just a game for wienies invented by the liberal left so their emasculated children could get a participation trophy. If I wanted to watch grown men flop around every time they perceive a slight against them, I’d watch the nba. No sir, I prefer to watch real christian men take to the field and battle it out with brawn every sunday. I’ll keep my Real American Football, the illegals and feminized man-children can have their inferior sport.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Maybe it’s because the men’s soccer team is sexist and won’t allow girls on the men’s soccer team???

  • El Ma

    Oh, my. It’s called, “Life.” Sometimes, teams win, and sometimes, they lose. But, the world that we’re creating makes EVERYONE a winner, now doesn’t it? So……why have sports competitions, at all? Can’t this be considered some type of bullying or something? I mean….to not win a title means disgrace, shame, infamy………..oh, the horrors……….

  • burtfan16

    Sounds like the people you interviewed weren’t really disappointed at all. You should call my friend Dave. Ever since he’s heard the news he’s looking for a reason to live.

  • warningfakenews

    Yeah, shame. I’ve gotten into watching soccer instead of watching football players kneel for our anthem and standing with respect for “God Save the Queen”. Lord knows, the UK never did anything to oppress anybody…

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