Serious Go-Kart Crash Injures Teen, 4 Year Old

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FOSTER TOWNSHIP -- A 17-year-old girl and a 4-year-old girl are recovering after a serious go-kart crash Monday evening in Luzerne County.

"Just all of a sudden we heard a loud metallic crash and then my husband just went running to see because then we heard the girl screaming and yelling and crying,” said one neighbor.

"I was hoping nothing serious had happened, but when you see a medivac, a helicopter landing, you know it is serious,” said another woman who lives nearby.

State police say a go-kart crashed into a speed limit sign on Sandy Valley Road in Foster Township around 6:30 p.m. Monday. A 17-year-old female driver and her passenger, a 4-year-old girl, were thrown from the vehicle. Neither was wearing a seatbelt or helmet.

"That's pretty crazy, especially since the little girl was there. Kids around here just do a lot of crazy stuff,” said Zack Kalinowski of White Haven.

"That's just ridiculous, no helmets? At that time of the evening? And this road, they speed. They have a tendency to go way past 40 miles an hour, so it's bad,” said Carol Bayer of Foster Township.

There is no word on the girls’ names or conditions.


  • 🙇🏻‍♀️

    Wow that 17 year old is a idiot! She certainly knew better! God I hope she never has children! Hopefully the little 4 year old girl gets better soon!

  • Nature's Way

    Maybe it’s like an ice storm. That’s how nature prunes out the weak limbs in the forest. Life is a tough place.

  • Mixed signals

    ‘Kids, put those helmets on!’ ‘But you don’t wear one when you ride your Harley grandpa.’ ‘Kids, put your seatbelts on!’ ‘But mom, we don’t even have them on our school bus.’

    • Jay

      People complain about there being no seat belts on school buses until they realize that someone would have to pay for them.


        #1 – school buses stay under 50 mph
        #2 – the sheer size of a school bus will win 98% of all collisions

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Right of passage when I was growing up.

    Sometimes a daily occurrence.

    Usually worried more about the condition of our carts than ourselves.

    Oh the good old days.

  • double standards abound

    We have a neighbor who complained bitterly about all the nasty people on the road with four wheelers and dirt bikes that she could not stand these people. It disgusted her. Did not say a word in response, she chose to think I agreed with her. Silly her. Her husbands golf cart activity was shortly there after brought to her attention. Gator, golf cart and skid steer. Oh the double standards.

    • Didn't know that

      So now go-kart ownership is the threshold for being wealthy. I didn’t know that, thanks Pot Smoker.

      • potsmoker

        a 2 seat go kart denotes excess money of aprox 1 k , of course some rednecks it’s gotta have to tear up the land you don’t own . I never had a grand to waste on such extravagances , got them bicycles , etc ( not video games)

    • Smd

      Im tired of all these lies most of these people weren’t there so you need to get your facts straight. Kids are kids and it was and accident. This is getting way out of control. So stop this and get your factz straight. I know them and there not rich so leave this alone now.

      • potsmoker

        Parents gave a toy to incapable child ? Not an accident – this is a several hundred dollar toy used ( w piss poor brakes?) and of course it’s not on their land , Must be redneck then and of course we’ll foot their medical bill. Stupid is no accident !

      • Smd

        They were capable to ride it. and it doesnt have poor brakes how would you know. It was an accident you were there so you can stfu

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