More Than 20 Animals Rescued From a Home in Lackawanna County

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- More than two dozen animals were rescued from a home Friday night in Lackawanna County.

Authorities found 20 dogs, a snake, a lizard, a ferret and a hedgehog in the home in Scott Township.

The animals were all taken to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit.

Workers believe the homeowners were trying to turn the house into a kennel.

They say application documents were found in the residence.

"We have a lot of dogs we need to find emergency foster care for and permanent adoptions, so we have a lot of great dogs that came in from this unfortunate situation that are extremely friendly and loveable," said Jess Farrell, Interim Executive Director.

So far no word if the homeowners will face charges in Lackawanna County.


  • Curious??

    It’s funny how people join the Griffin Pond bandwagon in situations like this but what about the shelter animals? They’re in need of homes……..

  • Pat

    We’re these animals malnourished, mistreated, found living in inhumane conditions? If the homeowner had paperwork to turn the place into a kennel it doesn’t necessarily mean he was looking at starting a puppy mill, or mistreating animals in any way! Their are many people who own or board alot of pets at their homes who are not bad people. Why wasn’t more about this story reported, where are the facts? All I see is drama.

  • Kate Riviello

    Why would there be any charges filed if these animals were all in perfect condition? The only violation here seems to be against an ordinance. The rescuers should be able to process that paperwork and retain their animals! Who is the county to seize and release to fosters and adopters! Those animals belong to the rescuers and need to be returned TO THEM to THEIR fosters and THEIR adopters. The animals need to be held until there is a court date. So Griffen Pond and law enforcement is truly jumping the gun here to release these animals to the public unless the rescuers have surrendered. I better not hear that they were forced to surrender under some type of blackmail. I would be interested in hearing from the rescuers who owned these perfectly taken care of animals that probably comprise their pets as well!

  • Vince Cilia

    It seems like WNEP likes these type of stories. When we here of a home that burns down, it seems like the first thing they report on is the animal that died or was rescued.
    Animals seem to be put on parr with humans. Hurt a pet and you might do jail time, kill an unborn baby nobody cares!
    It’s sad that the horror of abortion is kept kept so silent.(except at election time) .

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