Vigil at University of Scranton for Las Vegas Victims

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SCRANTON -- People gathered at the University of Scranton Tuesday afternoon for a vigil to remember the victims of this week's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

A large group of students and faculty members gathered for a prayer service to remember the 59 people that lost their lives in the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night. 59 candles were lit for each of the victims that passed away.

One student said she was in tears when she saw what was transpiring in Las Vegas.

"When I heard about it yesterday, I was shocked. To see the amount of people that was wounded and the amount of people that was lost. I was in tears with my friend, and we couldn't understand why it was happening or where God was in this situation," said Deniaya Thompson.

The main message during the prayer service was to stop the violence, to end hate in this country, and to bring about peace.


  • Writer Girl

    This guy was angry, but he didn’t get that way in a vacumn. Everyone, including vigil holders and protesters, need to examine their hearts and admit the nasty things they might do to people, too. It adds up and then when something like this happens, everyone is astounded. Hate lives in the heart of individuals. It’s not because of presidents or white supremacists.

  • trucker

    Why do we need to talk about guns?
    To keep us from talking about SSRI drugs that cause this, Big Pharma buys lots of advertising.
    Just follow the money

  • magicmikexxsm

    At some point in this country, we are going to have to have an Adult conversation about gun control in this country.
    As to which types of weapons can be sold and which type should not be sold….Why in Gods name do we need to manufacture AR style weapons to sell to the public????

  • Thomas Jefferson

    My problem is how to know if these people are truly grieving, or motivated by something else. The news reported these days is so editorialized its not news and I don’t trust it.

    • El Ma

      Try to observe without getting emotionally involved. See all of the accessories for these vigils and rallies. Balloons, PRINTED signs, luminaries, candles, t-shirts…….the list goes on. And, then contemplate how quickly all of those materials were gathered and distributed. We will never know what the motivation or intent is because people are falling into herd mentality and they don’t even know what they believe, themselves. They’re just following along because they don’t know how to separate themselves from all of the rhetoric and anxiety it’s all causing them.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Don’t forget the finger paint and balloon release.

    Why do I even waste my time on these things….?

      • Idea of Zero

        My real worry is that forward thinkers can see how improbable it is for an event like this to even happen without a task force to back the striker up. Think about the weight and travel process’ of the ammunition alone. Everybody wants to instantly channel an emotional connection. I also feel the same grief for those lost senselessly, but why do we keep having these events? What thought is behind the trigger? Ask yourself what you’d kill for. As a gun owner that does not hunt, I’d pull that trigger to protect my family. It either takes a lot of careful planning or perfect stupidity to make that choice. Prevention is not more laws that take your own freedoms away however. Defense>Death

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