Woman from Wayne County Survives Las Vegas Massacre

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WAYNE COUNTY -- A woman from Wayne County survived the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Jessi Sullum was on her way home Monday after witnessing the carnage at the country music concert in Las Vegas Sunday night. She and her friends were having the time of their lives when, suddenly, hundreds around them were shot.

This story provides a disturbing first-hand look at what happened.

The crack of gunshots sounded as concert-goers in Las Vegas fell around Jessi Sullum and her friends. A friend of the young mother from Honesdale recorded the harrowing moments as the gunman in that hotel room fired down on men, women, and children.

WARNING: Videos contain language that may be offensive to some viewers.

"Everyone just got down," said Sullum. "My friend jumped on me, and just said, 'Lay down! Get on the ground!' I got on the ground. The shots kept coming, and people were getting shot left and right."

Sullum went to Las Vegas expecting fun memories from the country music concert on the Vegas strip only to leave in shock, fortunate to be alive and unhurt.

"I'm grateful I got out of there. There's people that weren't so lucky. Our friend got shot, but he's OK."

Sullum and her friends kept running away from the mass murder and to safety.

Dozens died in the barrage of gunfire. The motive is still unclear.

For witnesses, including Sullum, they won't soon forget the frightening and deadly ordeal.

"We started running. People were getting shot all over us. The bullets were ricocheting off the ground," Sullum said. "There was a baby in front of me, a mom with a baby and they were just running. Children were at this concert."

The young mother is now on her way home to family in Honesdale but forever changed much like those who died, were badly hurt, and lost so much to such a senseless act.

"Everyone, just pray for the families of those affected, those who lost their lives. I can't even begin to tell what I saw."

Sullum says it was a country concert which many people around this area have been to over the years and never in a million years did she think someone would start shooting, killing all those innocent people.


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  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You can delete me comment, that’s fine. Doesn’t make this story any different than the people driving though PA to avoid the hurricane.

    No real importance, just fluff.

  • Charlie Whitman

    I was in a hot tub with those five starved babes. Now that’s survival. That’ all I can say, Vagas Rules.

  • Not Dave

    As sad as it is, please no knee-jerk gun runs. No one is coming to take your firearms and ammo. There’s no need to further line the pockets of the NRA and the gun manufacturers that benefit from this kind of tragedy so–

    Too late? Never mind.

  • Dave

    As sad as it is, please no knee-jerk anti gun laws. The gun he used was illegal. A bank robber doesn’t wake up in the morning and change his mind because it is illegal to rob banks.

  • El Ma

    Jessi, may God be with you in the days to follow this horrific event. Please, find a counselor that specializes in trauma when you can.

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