Williamsport Business Puts Boots on the Ground in Texas

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Generous people in our area are finding all kinds of ways to donate their time and money to those affected by the recent hurricanes and flooding. A business owner in Williamsport wants to help those helping others in Texas.

Rogers uniforms in Williamsport sells, you guessed it uniforms and lots of them.

"Well we sell to what we call working professionals," said Jody Rogers.

When we say uniform we also mean,

"Footwear. Yep," said Rogers.

Next week 7 slabs, 500 pairs of boots just like these are headed to the Texas coast where Hurricane Harvey hit last month.

The owners, Jody Rogers and his mom Marjorie are donating 200 thousand dollars’ worth of boots to The State Fireman's and Fire Marshals Association of Texas.

"While everybody else is evacuating, they were put in harm's way and that's why we feel so close to this donation,” said Jody Rogers.

Roger's Uniforms has been selling boots to emergency personal here in Williamsport for nearly 20 years so when the company heard about the hurricane donating boots, it just seemed like the perfect fit.

"We don't necessarily have family in that area. All the first responders as they come through our shop here they're our friends they're our family,” said Rogers.

"We don't quit working in it. We work through it," said Chief Todd Heckman.

Williamsport fire chief Todd Heckman buys fire gear here at Roger's Uniforms he also knows what it's like to work in high and dangerous waters.

"These are the kind of boots as long as they stay below boot level you're protected,” said Chief Heckman. “What our brothers and sisters are walking in down there you don't know. You have one chemical here one there. Once they mix it will take a chemist to figure it out," she continued.

And that's why Rogers says he's donating the boots to protect those who are busy protecting their neighbors in Texas.


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  • Sam I Am

    Great work

    But I cannot get this off my mind.
    All those sneakers that were stolen will never be worn to help others in need.

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