Police Officer Charged with Harassment in Union County

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP —  A police officer has been charged with harassment in Union County.

Officer Luke Murray, 38, of East Hempfield Township Police Department in Lancaster County, allegedly broke into the home of a woman he had been dating.

Police say Murray used a ladder to get into the woman’s second-floor balcony last week.

According to officials, the woman hid in the bathroom and called her sister, who called the police.

Murray left the house before police arrived.

After police arrived, Murray called the woman and troopers told him to come back to the house.

Murray is facing burglary, criminal trespass and other related charges.

According to East Hempfield Township Police, Murray is an active officer who has been on the force for 15 years.

He has been granted paid administrative leave since the incident on September 22.



  • warningfakenews

    Police forces in the age of video cameras everywhere will need to lose their corrupt members or the communities who allow them to stay will end up paying dearly for their misdeeds. See what we mean, look up PINAC on You Tube.

      • warningfakenews

        At one time, the public’s biggest fear in utilizing police dash cams and body cams is that maybe people might get off on technicalities if the officer doesn’t do his or her job perfectly.

        What we didn’t really expect was the exposure of corruption and abuse to the level we’ve seen it, but mandating cameras for officers isn’t the main driver of social change in society today, it’s the low cost and ease of use of all sorts of cameras for the public at large, both obvious and hidden.

    • Tom

      Did you ever see an application for some of these police departments? They look like an application you would find at Turkey Hill

      • Got badge?

        The main question on the application asks, ” Did you get picked on in school and now would like to retaliate against society as a whole?” “If so, please continue…..”

      • so what

        @no m’am the story was about a MALE cop, not a familial murder, which is a disgrace and all too common in NEPA especially with people killing their kids or their loser boyfriends killing their kids and @keystone where did you get the idea the cop was a female did you even read the story??
        In one general statistic according to complaints filed against LEO’s 95% of law enforcement are stand up guys n gals and 5% are corrupt. Asking how many bad cops vs good is no different than asking how much or many of any general population are losers and how many abide by the law.

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