Power To Save: Making Homes Safer With Sun’s Help

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SCRANTON -- Volunteers are taking time this week to make homes in Scranton safer and more energy-efficient.

Neighborworks of Northeastern Pennsylvania is known for brightening up homes with a fresh coat of paint. But this week, all they need to brighten a home is a bulb.

It's part of an effort to help make seniors safe in their homes. Neighborworks, along with students from The University of Scranton, are providing seniors with home safety kits and checking for potential problems.

"Even just the smallest of things, yesterday we fixed a woman`s smoke detector and it was like we made her whole day, so, it was great," said University of Scranton graduate student Danielle Accordino.

Neighborworks officials said they're making a move toward energy efficiency. So, recipients are getting LED bulbs for inside their homes and solar-powered motion detector lights for the outside.

A safety feature they said many of the homeowners overlook.

Neighborworks purchased the lights through a grant from PPL. Over the past few months, hundreds of them have gone up on homes in Scranton.

"They`re $90 lights which we got on a grant from PPL, and also we got them with a discount because we`re a non-profit. So, we were able to get as many as we can and put them as many places as we can," said Casey Prosick of Neighborworks.

Seniors can apply to receive a light through Neighborworks of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

A little bit of solar, brightening up the Electric City.

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