Neighbors on Edge After Homicide Near Hazleton Park

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HAZLETON--- There’s still a lot of worry in a neighborhood after Hazleton’s first homicide of the year, which happened this weekend.

On Monday, police wouldn’t say much about the deadly shooting, except that it was not a random attack.

Neighbors said they were shocked to hear Carlos Luna, 20, was killed on Saturday at Pine Street Park.

They said Pine Street Park is usually packed with children running around, but after news of the deadly shooting, it was mostly empty.

One neighbor was willing to talk to Newswatch 16, but was scared for her own safety to show her face.

“Everything has changed. The kids don't come around the park, and it's terrible. Nobody comes here no more,” she said.

Those who knew Luna said he was a sweet and smart person, but last Saturday his life was cut short.

Days after the shooting, neighbors are still on edge.

“It's terrible. He died over there,” the neighbor said, getting emotional. “It's terrible. That's what I say.”

Mourners also lit candles at nearby James Street Park over the weekend during a vigil; messages show friends and family are heartbroken over the loss.

Now, Hazleton police are actively investigating. They won’t say much about the killing or if they have a suspect, but the police chief did say this wasn’t random.

“Anything like this shakes a community and alarms them, but it is an isolated incident,” Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale said.

If you have any information about the shooting, you’re asked to contact police. You can even do so anonymously.


  • III%

    Go to channel 3 in Philadelphia and see what’s happening in Monroe county since its obvious that the local media is avoiding it


    The hazleton area has become a romantic area just like the the skook. Great place to settle down have kids and post on facebook or twitter all day.

  • magicmikexxsm

    sweet and smart person…………………………….If so then why was he shot???? He must have been up to no good…Not as sweet a person as you people thought…

  • wake up

    Again, I offer my deepest congratulations to the white racists on this site who get to finally vent their bile again. Ignoring the dozens and dozens of disgusting crimes by white people on these pages, they finally get a news story by a trash person of color and get to rant. There is trash of all colors in this world and white trash of the most repugnant types is to be found everywhere on these pages — start looking around you –in fact maybe start in the mirror.

  • kip

    That is always the answer for some NEPA authorities. it is an isolated incident. IMO that is a joke! it means in another words just look the other way at the areas problems!

    • warningfakenews

      Yeah, when you have a shooting 5 doors down and then a stabbing on your front porch, and several drug houses raided within 3 doors of where you live, and people going at each other with baseball bats all in one year, suddenly it doesn’t seem so “isolated” for some reason.

  • NotJoeMaddon

    “Anything like this shakes a community and alarms them but it is an isolated incident,” Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale said. It’s not really an isolated case when there are shootings all over town, wasn’t there gunfire on the 500 block of West Broad just this morning?

    • marbs

      Chief of Police Jerry (a legend in his own mind) Speziale probably called in that comment from his full time Police Directors job in New Jersey. Hazleton still does not have a real full time Police Chief. Hmmm wonder if they give him a car to commute with or does he use his city car from Paterson NJ.

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