Suspected Serial Bank Robber Nabbed

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DUNMORE – State police have announced the arrest of a bank robbery suspect who may be connected to a string of bank heists in our area over the last two years.

William Fischer, 45, of Ward Street in Dunmore, is charged with robbing the Peoples Security Bank and Trust branch in Gouldsboro on Wednesday. Troopers were able to use surveillance video to track the car as it headed toward Newfoundland and eventually stop it.

Police say he's a suspect in 13 robberies but has only been charged with one.

State, federal, and law enforcement officers say there is a good chance that the so called serial robber, who held up 14 banks in four counties over two years is now behind bars.

State troopers arrested Fischer Wednesday in Wayne County. Just a few minutes after the Peoples Security Bank and Trust branch in Gouldsboro was robbed, police picked up Fischer nine miles away from the crime scene.

Surveillance pictures from the bank look like ones from 13 other holdups by a serial robber from Newfoundland, to Scranton, to Mount Pocono.

"I would feel comfortable saying he's a suspect at this point, yes," said Capt. Christopher Paris, Pennsylvania State Police.

There are other reasons why police say they may be able to tie Fischer to the other bank robberies.

On the day of a bank robbery in Mount Pocono last month, police say he put $2,000 into a slot machine at the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino without playing. Instead, he got a $2,000 voucher and walked away with different bills.

Police say Fischer's wife identified clothing belonging to Fischer and his children from surveillance video in robberies.

And police add Fischer deposited more than $140,000 into his bank account since the robbery spree began, even though he has been unemployed during this time frame.

"We're looking at all these other circumstances, and facts, and inconsistencies that point to him as accused in this case, and a suspect in several others," said Capt. Paris.

When police stopped Fischer in Wayne County Wednesday, he was in a car rented from a dealership in Scranton.

Police say Fischer also rented a red Dodge from that dealership in August, the same day a bank was robbed in Monroe County.

Police say a witness said the bank robber in August drove a red Dodge from the scene.


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