Honeymooners from Lycoming County Hit by Hurricane

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- It’s a story they want to hopefully tell their grand kids one day. When a couple from South Williamsport took their vows last week they didn't know 'for better, for worse' would happen so soon or that it would come in the form of a hurricane on their honeymoon.

In less than two weeks of wedded bliss, Ashley and Michael Hornberger have already been through a lot together. We're talking category 5 hurricane a lot.

"I was nervous from the get go I was like should we go," said Ashley Hornberger.

After getting married on Labor Day weekend, the couple from South Williamsport decided to follow through with their plan to honeymoon on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. They knew hurricane Irma could pass over that part of the Caribbean.

"Hurricanes that they normally get, they typically pass for they either go north of they just get a day of rain,” said Michael. “So, we were like hey we'll risk it what's the worst that could happen right," he continued.

But after just one day of paradise on the island things changed.

The couple was told to pick up survival supplies. They were moved from their room in one condo to a cement condo on the southern part of the island. The next day Irma hit.

"Wednesday morning came and woke up early the wind was starting to pick up by ten o'clock we lost power," said Michael.

The Hornbergers and a family from Texas rode out the storm together huddled in a room for 10 hours.

"It sounds like the train is just going to bust through the windows and the doors are going to break. We thought we were in the eye of the hurricane or really close to it and then it got worse," the couple said.

Hurricane Irma passed. Their building barely touched, but the couple says they had another storm to face; getting home.

"We heard a bunch of different things that the navy was coming cruise ships were coming red cross was looking for us," said Ashley Hornberger.

It was only through the help of people living in St. Thomas that the couple was able to get a 5-hour boat ride to the airport.

"It definitely helps marrying your best friend the whole time we are sitting there even during the week we were able to laugh. Well we are going to have peanut butter sandwiches again," said Michael.

"If we can handle a category five hurricane we can get through a lot of the little things in life," said Ashley.

The couple plans to go back to St. Thomas. They want to support the people on the island who cared for them during the storm.

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