PPL Growing ‘Community Roots’

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SUNBURY -- A power company in our area is trying to help the environment while also beautifying the communities it serves.

There are times when PPL Electric Utilities has to cut down trees, usually for weather issues and to protect power lines. Now, instead of taking them down, PPL is putting them up with a new program to promote tree growth.

It's called "Community Roots" and provides free trees to the community.

"We're going to have bare-root trees, small potted trees and we're also going to have one-gallon potted trees," explained Eric Beaver, PPL Senior Environmental Professional.

Not everybody can get a free tree. You either have to be a municipality, an elementary school, or an environmental group.

High school seniors from Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School near Shamokin helped plant 12 trees brought to Memorial Park in Sunbury.

"We started looking at trees in environmental class and then he brought up the idea to help PPL," said senior Mary Frances Komara.

"Just helping the community is a good thing to do for our class and being supported by your friends and school," said junior Carly Jurasich.

Trees not only produce oxygen, they help the environment in other ways.

"Reducing carbon dioxide, carbon emissions, that's part of the giving back program," Beaver said.

PPL plans to give away several thousand trees. The utility is accepting applications for next spring and fall.

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