Flyers Promoting ‘White Nationalism’ Found Posted in Downtown Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Police in Northumberland County say flyers promoting white nationalism were found posted around Sunbury’s downtown. The Sunbury police chief says this isn't the first time posters of that nature have been left in the city.

The chief said a resident brought them to the police station after finding them around 8 a.m Tuesday.

They show a white family together with phrases such as “We have the right to exist” and “Diversity means less white people.”

“I'm offended,” said Dot Olley from Northumberland.

At McGuigan's Restaurant in Sunbury's downtown, Olley and other diners were appalled.

“I just think it's sad really. People can't get along better. It sounds like a trite thing to say, but that's the way it seems to me,” said Mike Olley.

“We're breeding hate in this country, even between our Democrats and Republicans,” said Jeff Levan from Sunbury. “I don't want to hear this anymore. I love you all. I was a Democrat. I'm Republican now.”

Also on the flyers were websites for the alt-right movement.

Last month, an alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly when a man attending it crashed his car into a crowd of people who were opposing the gathering.

“I can't stand this hatred that we're showing each other. There's no reason for it,” said Levan.

According to the police chief, this is not the first time flyers promoting white nationalism were found in Sunbury. Similar fliers were found posted in the city back in December.

But others in Sunbury say even if the flyers may seem offensive to some, people still have the right to free speech.

“It is what it is. It's a free country. It's someone's opinion and you can take it for what it's worth, you know?” said Lee Dunkelberger from Sunbury.


  • sc

    instead of word slapping eachother,…how about we promote peace and our common goals.
    We are destroying our childrens future of a world where they can enjoy free will.
    Do we really want a society where no one has a right ,(not privilege) , to exist?

    • Meh

      How can we when a select group follows a religion that explicitly states non-believers must be conquered and killed? The time for sticking ones head in the sand has come to an end.

      • sc

        i totally believe in defending yourself, family, friends, community and beliefs.
        A lion kills for survival. not for entertainment.
        i would never stand back and watch my world/family raped. God gave me the right to defend as well as the right to choose love.
        Stand with me….and others….we will promote love…and defend eachother when we need to.

      • mike van voorst

        that’s right by giving everyone equal protection under the LAW, keeping govt out of a woman’s vagina and by the way Liberals are on the left CONservatives are the right

  • Heather Taylor

    As a conservative mother of 4 I am thankful for the “white supremacists”. They seem to be the only one taking the threat to our children’s future seriously. I dont agree with them on everything, but I’m thankful for what they do.

    • NYGURL

      O my god! Did you see how sexy they most of them are too?😍 I felt guilty for feeling this way, until I mentioned it to my friend, and she felt the same way😋. I may be guilty of watching the videos of them in Va on more than one occasion😍😋😍😋😍😋

    • AltRider

      Hi Heather. Thank you for your based and sensible words. We are advocates for white people. We’re NOT supremacists. We don’t want to rule over any other race, which is what “supremacy” implies. I’m glad you see the real threat to the existence of white people in society. The 14 words our movement lives by: “We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children”. There’s nothing evil about securing our existence. Other races can do it, but when whites want to, it’s “racist”. I hope more people open their eyes as you have.

      • Heather Taylor

        My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he is coming around. The same as my friends. All my friend are upper middle class…. “trophy wife” types, so it’s hard to get trough to them, but they are coming around. Anyways, thank you, for defending my kids! I will be donating to you guys really soon! What hubby doesn’t know….. he won’t miss it anyways!

      • E

        Ha ha ha ha ha! Heather there are no “upper middle class” people in Northeastern Pa. Ha ha ha ha! Class is determined by behavior, not because one of your coal miner trash relatives opened up a business and fleeced the local alcoholic trash long enough to accumulate some money. Ha ha ha! Bottom line if you people really are wealthy then why do you live next to one of the largest garbage dumps in the United States? The answer is because you are only “wealthy” compared to the poor white trash of NEPA. Ha ha ha ha!

    • sc

      Heather,…i pray you see things in another light.
      Im a white american male. My wife is a yellow asian female. One of my best friends is a black american born in haiti. Another is brown south mexican american.
      We are all ( legal and legit and self-reliant and have the love of god as our tools ) We are All labeled conservative. im registered independent.
      the partys, the colors, the member status are pushing this division till we destroy ourselves and our world.
      Look outside of MSM and You will see inter-racial compassion all over. just as much as you see the hate and violence of fear and misunderstanding.

      • CeeMe

        Did you read her comments and Altright’s comments? They are correct about their assessment of whites and no one is trying to hate other races and their is no fear and misunderstanding. Wake up.

      • Heather Taylor

        ABSOLUTELY NOT! I see a system that preys on my white sons and victimizes my daughters. I am an educated women, who was sucessful enough to set myself up to be 26 year old stay at home mother. When my children’s well-being is at stake, i don’t care who is offended. I actually don’t care who your friends are. I care about MY children more than your friends, and no ammout of whining will change that.

      • White ETN

        You know your brown “friends” use you as a ride and make fun of you behind your back. $20 says they take turns on your Ms. Chang when you are at work.

      • Alt Rider

        You are a race traitor, and are furthering the globalists’ agenda of erasing white people from the planet, with your yellow wife. Your “based” black and brown “friends” are likely scheming behind your back, and thinking of a way to cuck you even further. You should really lay off the boomer kool aid, turn off hannity, listen to The Daily Shoah, and stop being a cuckservative. Division is a great thing. Can’t you see that if everyone cucked, like you’re suggesting, there would be no more diversity and multi-culturalism. If everyone race-mixed, cultures would be erased. We would all eventually be the same shade of mud. How is that diverse? Every scene on “It’s A Small World” at Disneyland would be indistinguishable from one another. That’s a horrible idea, but most cucks can’t think critically and/or don’t care, which is extremely SAD. The hate and violence is coming from minorities that hate whites in this country. FBI crime stats from 2014 show that black males are 7% of the population, yet commit nearly 50% of all crime. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study which revealed that African-American males carry the 2-repeat allele (MAOA gene), and are significantly more likely than all other genotypes to engage in shooting and stabbing behaviors and to report having multiple shooting and stabbing victims. It’s in their DNA to be feral savages. I find it incredibly ironic that you advise against watching the MSM, yet seem to get all your (mis)information from them.

    • Roo

      Holy cow, you are a racist and stupid. I pitty your kids, hopefully they will see how ugly you are and choose intelligence, kindness and love for the human race not just the white ones…

      • Hehe

        Oh Roo so your saying you don’t want them to act like you either correct? Your comment shows just how ignorant, unintelligent, and clearly have no love for others who don’t think the same as you do!!

    • kk2509

      What is the “threat”??? People can be with whoever they want to be with. The threat you should be referring to should be any people that would harm and hinder your children. That could be anyone of any color!!!!

      • Heather Taylor

        It is the system that is harming white children. I am for the “Alt-right” because they are totally against the system that are harming our children. I never mentioned a particular group . The system is made of many groups, as far as I can tell

    • mike van voorst

      you realize whites will be the minority in the next 20-25 years no matter how much you support bigotry and racism

      • Alt Rider

        This cuck just admitted that white genocide is real and is happening in our own lands, including America and Europe. Who do you think is behind this evil plot? I’ll give you a hint: these (((people))) are 2% of the population, yet control 96% of ALL media (movies, TV, news, printed publications, social media, etc..), most financial institutions, and have their own country, with a large wall and closed borders to foreigners seeking refuge. America was founded, conquered, colonized, civilized and developed by white European men, with the intention that it would be for white Europeans. Read the Naturalization Act of 1790, to see what the founding fathers wanted for America. This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Now (((Cultural Marxists))) tell us that we will be the minority soon, which means we’re being forcibly ousted of the place(s) we created. Why should invaders from third world s#it holes be allowed to reap the benefits of centuries of whites’ hard work? Why can’t they make their own nations of origin great for themselves, instead of infesting ours with crime, drugs, and unskilled (low IQ) people that contribute nothing to the great society we’ve built? People prefer to be with their own kind; it’s normal and natural. Why should we be forced to mix with people who hate us? Japan and Israel don’t allow it. White people are beginning to wake up. It’s not too late to reverse the course we’re on. I’ve seen things recently that have given me hope for white Americans taking back our country and expelling invaders and those who oppose us.

    • Bill K.

      14 words….look them up and look up the meaning “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    • Alt Rider

      Pay no attention to these brainwashed cultural marxists criticizing you. They assume to know where you’re from. I’m not from PA either. I’m in Los Angeles, but this story was in my feed and caught my attention. These brainwashed useful idiot elitists assume they know everything, but know virtually nothing. They try to shut down opinions they disagree with by using words like “racist”, “bigot”, “xenophone”, white-supremacist”, “nazi” etc.. which are NOT arguments. They don’t want to debate us, because we make too much sense for them. They’re used to normie cucks who watch foxnews and think Hannity is their God. Their tricks aren’t working anymore and they’re pissed, because the tides are changing. You should feel good knowing that when they attack you with “you’re racist”, and other dim “arguments”, you’re winning. Keep it up, and keep persisting in red-pilling your friends and family. They’ll thank you for doing so later. Trust me.

    • dorpmuller

      Finally an enlightened person! Diversity=drugs, crime and attacks on White folks plus ruined neighborhoods. They hate us, period. I’m with the poster people for standing up for us! This will encourage me to *not* come to Sunbury.

  • seen it all

    If you follow Nazi lines , it will fail (again) If you claim your owed for a 100-200 year ago slave ancestor , your an idiot .
    if you follow the laws and educate yourself , Then I welcome you ,

  • Meh

    Someone pls explain exactly why we cant be proud of our heritage and skin color because we are white yet if you are any other skin color you can?


    hate groups like the the kkk and blm go to areas where they kind find lots of hateful folk to recruit. The coal region in PA is hateful and so are urban ghettos like gary indiana and camden new jersey.

    • White ETN

      Hate. Hate! Hate? Hate. Hate! White supremacist! NAZI! Supremacist! 6 trillion! Hate. Hate!

      There, do i get some kind of patch or something for using the most corporate media buzzwords?

    • look in the mirror

      Mr. Woehrle. C’mon, I know that you are an intelligent person and understand darn well the message. I’m not going to argue about the underlying issue here, but at least be honest.

      • The Mad Jewess™ 🇿️ (@MadJewessWoman)

        Honest about what? The message is clear. “Whites have a right to exist”
        You know what is happening in EU. White people are not even 10% of the whole world population.
        You see a poster like this and get all frazzled. You think its nazis. My Grandfather and his father fought the REAL nazis. There is no nazis anymore.
        Just admit that white people have a right to exist. Why then, are their countries being filled with others who hate them??????
        ANSWER THAT.

      • White ETN

        The underlying issues is WHITE GENOCIDE perpetuated by jewish elite and supported OPENLY by common jews. So the actual issues is WHITE GENOCIDE. We are being very up front about it.

  • Grow Up

    I love the snowflakes fake outrage at a simple poster that really doesn’t say anything.
    Time to grow up and act like adults! They wouldn’t have a problem with ANTIFA or BLM propaganda.

  • TheRealRobert

    It’s all leftist BS. Bernie Sanders socialist, or national socialist it is composed of those wanting government to play a bigger role in your life and tell you your values. Many media centers seem to be twisting socialist movements as being politically right by using the term alt-right. They lie BIGLY,yet people buy into it. Blaming the right for what leftist fringe groups espouse is their way of saying with a chocolaty smile , ‘I didn’t eat those cookies’. And for those that know, its super frustrating to watch people just fall victim to their own ignorance.

    • Roo

      Irony pure irony
      “And for those that know, its super frustrating to watch people just fall victim to their own ignorance”
      Your hood is showing

      • TheRealRobert

        Roflmao! Really!! Um, if your referring to my KKK hood I regret to inform you. No scratch that. I am eager to inform you I don’t qualify to join. Although, I never did apply and assume my predominantly none Caucasian genetics would disqualify me. Although according to 23andME, one of my relatives must be European. Based upon percentage I’m guessing early slave trade. I think your assumption towards my ethnicity reflects poorly on your capability of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of your social environment. But relax, most people are incapable of forming such opinions.

  • Robert

    This is fake news! The liberal local fake news propaganda trying to divide us up. This story is pathetic and the fact it’s one of top stories show how desperate the local propaganda media is get a life fake news media.

    • Roo

      I suggest you learn the meaning of the word fake. For instance, you I bet call yourself a Christian….well that IS fake.
      We are divided, you are a racist and those whose knuckles don’t drag on the cave floor are not!

  • Linda helene Burns

    WE ARE BREEDING HATRED!!!? White CHristians???? BALONEY!!!!! The reverse discrimination so fueled towards us has been fueled…greatly by Obama and the left……they are the haters…..I never discrimunated against anyone…BUT I AM SICK OF BEING ATTACKED BY THE LEFT ETC>>> from what I take on the posters…there is no hatred ONLY a statement that we deserve To be left alone…..and we ALL need to RESPECT one another and quite blaming the horrors of the past that none of us whites had no part in……

  • Stumpy

    and I found a Black Panther / Black Power flyer stapled to a telephone pole on a dirt road in west Nicholson. let’s get WNEP on the case ! what a crock

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The flyers are correct.

    “diversity” does not include white heterosexual Christian people.

    Oh and Olley is offended? Waaahhhhh.

  • Conroy

    Honestly, I understood the type of people you all are. But I didn’t think you’d either condone or deny the existence of white nationalism when it’s right there. I am surprised, I thought even you trumpers tried to deny that you were fascist white fundamentalists. But these comments prove me wrong. You’ve lowered the bar yet again, how far will you lower it remains to be seen but know one thing, some of us Democrats actually like guns. And if the time comes when you go full kristallnacht on anyone who isn’t white, I will shoot you. I pray it doesn’t come to that, but every day you people show more and more of the darkest parts of yourselves.

    • sc

      Conroy, it seems YOU are the one filled with hate.
      ( i would treat your comment as a threat to public safety and possible intent to harm ).

      • Conroy

        If you see the expectation to defend ones neighbors in the face of violence and hatred as a threat to public safety then you may need to reevaluate yourself. I said I would act if you white supremacists started killing anyone you wanted, destroying homes and buildings. I would think any good person would do as much. What is it you Republicans always like to say? “Looters will be shot on sight”.

      • Caeser194

        When police see that threat he’ll be lucky to own a sling shot.Proof whites are threated.Pennaylvania is stand your ground state,people like Conroy are the trouble makers.

      • Alt Rider

        Looting? Destroying buildings? Harming innocent people? Conroy, you do realize that you just described what your side of feral, low-IQ scum do, right? The irony is magical. Also, if ignorance is bliss, you must be overjoyed.

    • Meh

      Maybe 10% tops of dems are functionally capable of operating a firearm…. the other 90% are good at tying their manbuns. Talking tough wont change reality CONroy. If we continue to be pushed i promise you and your fedora wearing brethren wont like the results ;)

    • Conroy

      Oh for the third time I’m not threatening anyone who doesn’t come after me or my friends with gun. I’m saying I’ll defend myself if I have to.

  • American

    The media is poison these days. Don’t feed into the fake news trying to promote more hate and fights. There’s no suspect, no crime, just the news trying to stir the pot. I think By reading the comments already posted that America is starting to wake up a little. Nice try media now please post real news that matters.

  • sc

    BS,…no one heard of ALT anything till a year ago it suddenly popped up. This crap is propagated to keep us divided and the media is their fertilizer.
    ( DO NOT EAT )
    ( POISON )
    We CAN kill their weeds of hate and build an organic garden of peace if we work at it with intension.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Those of us actually paying attention have heard of “alt-right” for a long while now. Turn off Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty, maybe you’ll be better able to keep up with current events.

      • sc

        actually, a father of 2 and husband that works 60+ hours a week.
        We are an inter-racial/multi-cultural family and its built on love and the spirit of god.
        i dont have time to watch tv for entertainment.

      • driven to truth

        alt-right started about 2010/11 and was not a media subject till 2016 pre-election.
        So, IS young and not a real peoples movement. the vast majority of native born working class americans are centered. socially centered and economically conservative. it has been that way in america likely before the civil war.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Actually closer to 2008, look it up. And “alt-right” was coined by the very people it describes. It’s just a nicer way of saying “white nationalist” aka white supremacist.

    • White ETN

      Christ…. isn’t this a load of baby boomer feel good trash. Your safe world is over, because your lazy generation killed it with minutiae like this. Lean the differance between childish dreams and the real world . Whites are being exterminated and displaced by immigration and jewish Hollywood, media, amd music. This is what is happening here in the real world.

  • trucker

    There is a website called,it contains a database of the hundreds of confirmed fake hate crimes perpetrated all over the US. Notice there is no perp here, no actual crime, just a poster found on some tree and the media narrative that “white nationalism” is so bad we must forget our constitutional freedoms. Not buying it.

  • Founding Fathers

    As our former Commander in Chief (BHO) said of Colin Kaepernick, “This is free speech and it is protected under the First Amendment.” Agree with it or not, it is our Constitutional Right.

  • Are you kidding!?!

    If you can have Black Nationalist Groups-Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party;
    If you can have Latino Nationalist Groups-La Raza(The Race);
    Why is it a problem for Whites to have the same?
    Cultural Marxism is the reason. Wake up. Political Correctness is about Divide and Rule. Brought to you by the Democrat/Communist Party.

  • CeeMe

    I don’t condone this or extremist groups, but if Black Lives Matter and Antifa can exist, then so can white groups. It’s not like the white race isn’t disappearing here with all the losers from other countries coming here for their entitled better life and groups like the ones I mentioned, are succeeding in erasing American culture, especially southern heritage. So are stupid white people. I agree with the guy who said it’s free speech. If the diversity crowd can hold demonstrations, demand things and post literature, then so can this group and those similar to it.

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