Vietnam Veteran Receives Overdue Medals

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FRACKVILLE -- A Vietnam veteran from Schuylkill County got a special honor Monday morning receiving military medals he earned decades ago, including the Purple Heart.

Paul Martin of Frackville was wounded three times in some of the fiercest battles in Vietnam. U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright's office worked to get Martin his medals after his military records were lost.

Martin said this isn't about him.

"It was terrible, all the guys suffered bad. The people that didn't make it. That's what this is about right here, all my brothers and sisters who didn't make it home," Martin.

Martin has helped lead an effort putting up more than 300 banners honoring hometown heroes in Frackville. Martin got the proper credit Monday for being one of those heroes.


      • I wish my dad was a draft dodger

        Hey Ralph, why should I be ashamed? Because our government led my dad into a proxy war that gave him Ptsd? Are you a complete idiot? Does uncle sam still habe you brainwashed after all these years? My dad beat my mother, he beat me and my sisters, he was a viscous drunk. He cheated on my mother. He blows off his grandchildren. He has several Duis. He left us in a home with no Christmas tree or heat because he was fighting with mom. Why you ask? BECAUSE VIETNAM FUC#KED HIM UP AND WE HAD TO PAY! So before you pat these psycho nam vets on the shoulder you need to realize what kind of home wrecking path of hell these nuts put on their families. I know, I somehow survived a Vietnam vet’s butchery behavior. SHAME ON YOU FOR TELLING ME I SHOULD BE ASHAMED! F.U.!

  • Slickwilly

    Frackville has some nice streets for walking. You can strap up some long socks, tighten those Velcro shoes, and spread your strides in tight sweats along Lehigh Ave or the Little League field as randy as a spring squirrel. Tight cuts and cute butts.

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