Abington Heights Teachers and District At Odds Over Contracts

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The union representing teachers in the Abington Heights School District has rejected the district's latest contract offer.

Both sides met on Thursday and the district in the Clarks Summit area offered teachers a 2% pay raise and asked teachers to pay $80 a month for health care.

The union rejected the offer and countered with an offer seeking a 2.5% salary increase for the teachers and no changed to the health care for one year.

If a contract agreement is not reached by next week, teachers in Abington Heights say they will strike Tuesday, September 12th.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Wow this is sad..The teachers Union is holding the kids of that district HOSTAGE, and the teachers won’t even pay $80.00 a month towards their own healthcare..wow talk about selfish people, try paying $869.00 a month just for me..a month…….Remember a liberal democrat FDR was against unions in the fed gov….

    • taxpayer

      Your dam right! You didnt see the union strike when they decided to over fill all the classrooms with 26+ kids per class.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Wow this is sad..The teachers Union is holding the kids of that district HOSTAGE, and the teachers won’t even pay $80.00 a month towards their own healthcare..wow talk about selfish b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s. try paying $869.00 a month just for me..a month…….Remember a liberal democrat FDR was against unions in the fed gov….

  • Sam I Am

    Unions were meant to provide a good wage and working conditions, not a lets see what else we can get out of our employer this time around.

  • 😊

    Well I think they deserve raises. The cost of living has gone up tremendously. As for the $80 dollars a month for insurance, well it would be great if it was just that but most people put their whole family on their plans and it’s no longer 80 dollars a month. Back in 2005, I worked and was making decent money. I got paid every 2 weeks. My bring home was around 756 every 2 weeks. When I was eligible for med insurance, I was bring home 350 some dollars every 2 weeks. That was just for my husband and daughter. My boss paid mine. I was more or less working just for med insurance. The point I’m making is I can understand why the teachers are upset about it. Especially if they were paying less before. Teachers don’t make very much and the have to deal with all these children which is no easy task. They were only asking for no 80 payment of insurance for a year. So what’s the big deal? Also a 2 1/2 percent raise is peanuts. I k ow someone who works for a company and they don’t even give raises anymore. Think about that. So they should just give these teachers what they want. Keep in mind, they pay taxes also.

    • taxpayer

      Why should these teachers get what you dont even get? Your struggling and you want to just say oh yeah they deserve it. Its your tax dollars too! The mere fact that teacher could live and pay taxes in the district is a bonus because they get a refund of thier own taxes every pay day!

  • Reality Check

    Teachers not willing to pay $20 per week towards healthcare premiums is an insult to every Abington Heights taxpayer. Even professors at state universities in Pennsylvania have to contribute towards their premiums. What makes primary and secondary teachers so special?

  • Joe

    Before I am accused of it, let me begin by saying I am not a teacher. I have a graduate of the district and a child currently in the district. I followed my job to the area. I chose the Abingtons because of THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. My house is worth more here than if it were in surrounding communities because of THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. The district is statistically the best in NEPA and should compensate its employees. You get what you pay for, and honesty the school taxes here are far lower than in other states that don’t offer the same public education that PA schools, especially Abington, does. My school taxes have gone up maybe $45 since I’ve lived here. That’s a steak dinner (if you don’t have a few drinks). If you can’t put an extra couple of dollars a month towards our students future, don’t own a home.

    • taxpayer

      You drank the cool aid…they only have good scores because of the parents that care about thier kids getting good grades and scholarships to good colleges.

      If anyone deserves a raise its the taxpaying parents in the district.

      • Joe

        No kool-aid, just the understanding that you have to pay for a good product. As I said my taxes are lower here than they were elsewhere and the education is superior.

        As far as your other comment, I am a tax paying parent in the district and I do get raises; when I negotiate them at my place of employment. I’m glad my negotiations aren’t made public forum like the Abington heights district has done at the top of the schools webpage. We elect board members to be our liaison and make sound decisions, not drive a wedge between the community and teachers. I’d rather them spend their time hammering out a fair deal than inciting Ill will. That is what’s going to hurt our district and taxpayers, not an extra few dollars per year.

    • Caeser194

      It doesn’t matter if you own a home,everyone pays school taxs in PA.Just like the employment tax.It great when people move here,buy a house and think they know the area.

      • Joe

        I am well aware that a portion of a districts funding comes from the state, but a large portion, the portion that typically people get up in arms about, is the school real estate tax, which you have to own real estate to be burdened by. If you would like I can post again and explain millage, allowed increases in millage, and show comparison for several area districts and increases in millage over the past several years in various areas

      • taxpayer

        Abington district has two sources of income. Real estate and 1/2% on income… your not getting your it cheap than everyone else when your paying for it twice directly…then who knows how much your federal and state is flowing into the district.

  • Tapped Out Taxpayer

    Teachers: “School district can’t afford increases? Screw you….pay us! Taxpayers can’t afford more taxes? Screw you….pay us!”

  • Mary Alice

    Teachers pay only $80 per month for health care?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? And, that’s just not good enough for them? I pay nearly $400 each month, and I still have copays for my prescriptions that I can’t afford. When that happens, I just don’t get the rescue inhalers.

    Go suck an egg because that is simply pure greed.

    • Tax paying teacher

      Hey taxpayer, I’m a teacher and I pay almost $400 a month for insurance with a 2 grand deductible and a $75 copay to see a doc. My wife is no longer covered per our new contract, I still owe $40,000 in student loans and constantly hear garbage from misinformed people like you. You see the details now?.. Great!.. Just make sure you return the favor and let me know when your next annual eval is for YOUR job so I can sit in with you and tell your boss how much YOU suck and don’t deserve anything!

      • Bitter Tax Payer

        It would be nice if instead of focusing on yourselves you thought of the students, and school employees who don’t have contracts. They should abolish government unions. It’s not right to take the tax payers hostage. If you don’t want to do the job at the current pay I’m sure someone else will.

      • taxpayer

        Welcome to the real world I have all that…plus i dont get summers off.

        Im glad your union rep tells you that you got it bad. Why dont you teach yourself and research about our healthcare plans and how many rasies we get here in the real world…this isnt the 80s any more!

      • Caeser194

        You chose the career it’s not the taxpayers problem to keep money in your pocket.If your job can’t support your lifestyle,get a new career.Teachers are typical self serving liberals.

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