Protest in Williamsport After DACA Termination  

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WILLIAMSPORT -- They are advocating for a friend, a peer, or in some cases someone they have never met.

"We cannot allow an injustice like this for people that want to be in this country, who belong in this country,” said Daisy Moncada.

With President Trump promising to "wind down" the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants are set to lose their protection. It's why a group of about 30 people quietly protested outside Congressman Tom Marino’s office in Williamsport.

"I think that's what makes us powerful, to stand beside one another in times like this," said Moncada.

Daisy Moncada, a student at Lycoming College joins thousands across the country who are rallying in support of undocumented young people. Born in Texas, Moncada tells Newswatch 16 with the loss of DACA she has friends who are in danger of being deported.

"I thought people were more compassionate, more understanding," said Moncada.

"These kids don't know any other country. They are American, for all intents and purposes," said Becky Praster.

The announcement to rescind DACA was made Tuesday, but it will be a few months until the decision goes into effect. It means Congress has time to find a legislative solution.

"If there is an illegal person here they got to go, and I know that's going to bring in some problems too, because we're going to have some problems too you know you may have parents who are here legally but their children are here illegally,” said Matthew Kennedy.

"These people aren’t hurting us. They are not harming us. The hundred thousand they talking about it's not hurting us. Let's help the whole city, the whole country. That's my opinion" said Al Frierson.

Congressman Marino was unavailable for comment.


  • Writer Girl

    One last thing: America isn’t breaking up families. The illegals are. Many of their parents have been here for decades, illegally, making no attempt to become Americans. Why? They’re better off by not doing so. They don’t pay as much in taxes, get handouts, and can always take their money back “home” and live like kings. The billions each year that we pay to educate their children, could provide citizens with a healthcare plan. Instead, many west coast hospitals have closed, due to having to pick up the costs of illegals using the ER. It’s time for stupid Americans to wake up and DEMAND our officials put Citizens First!

  • Robert

    Are these people standing around with signs the same one’s I keep reading about always complaining their on a fixed income and can’t handle another tax increase? Sure looks it. And shouldn’t those grand kids be in school?

  • magicmikexxsm

    More stupid people standing with signs……protesting what? an illegal law written by a president who should not have written and passed that law…….These people need to go back to grade school where they teach you how the fed gov works….news flash people the executive branch does not make laws…..

  • trucker

    DACA has zero to do with children. It applies to 30 and 40 yr old gang-bangers and rapists who CLAIM to have come here illegally when they were under 18. Of course they are not required to show documentation proving this, but hey all criminals who beak our laws are honest, just like the media.

  • Smh

    So glad that this is the REAL minority commenting on here. If everybody thought like these people our country REALLY would be screwed! The only people who comment seems to be hateful racists, with NO jobs, who only write in the comments section all day. Its like a support group for deplorable. Haha!!

    • Me

      You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till we show up and protest these illegals. We’re just getting started. In this country the term racist means realist!

    • Robert

      No jobs? LOL, its the one’s with jobs that are the most upset. Paying for jobless Americans is a pain in the butt! Now paying for jobless illegals too? Are you kidding me? Yea jobless, in college getting ready to default on their student loans and leave those of us with jobs up the creek again. The projected income generated for the USA by these dreamers assumes of course they pay back their debt, which most won’t. Adults with decent jobs were irresponsible with their debt in 2008, although the government was a great enabler, now its easy money for college bound youth without jobs who never were taught or expected to demonstrate responsibility. What could go wrong? Unlike the crap espoused by the likes the Pelosi I don’t believe these dreamers all 800,000 of them are a group of MIT bound Einstein’s
      destine to save the world from anything. Then there’s you! A race baiting POS.

  • Anywhere but there

    Kick them all out and let them start over and do it legally. They have taken over all the jobs for young adults and do dangerous jobs so cheap and half ass that a regular tradesmen can’t compete. Learn English or leave.

  • CeeMe

    Look at it as an adventure. You and your parents can go back where they were born or go somewhere else and start over. Then, take some time to think about your parents’ decision and wrong-doing and the consequences of those decisions. Don’t cry. It’s a new adventure. You can do it, as this country doesn’t need or want you.

  • Writer Girl

    El Ma, everyone who was an immigrant in the past, once we were a country, came here legally and became Americans and all that entails. This “we’re all immigrants” nonsense is getting old and is basically baseless. Just desperate jerks trying to come up with an excuse someone will believe.

  • Writer Girl

    Hey Moncada, and the other stupid people quoted in this article: Why does anyone belong in this country? Because they want to be here? Because we accepted immigrants in the past? Because their parents were desperate jerks? Compassion doesn’t pay for these people and I don’t care if many of them are working. Those jobs belong to American citizens. Their parents are the ones who are responsible for their predictament and this country doesn’t owe anyone, anything. It’s time the rest of the world realizes that and these idiot protesters need to dig into their pockets and pay for illegals. “Not hurting us” is no reason to grant citizenship or allow anyone to stay here. Illegal immigration costs us plenty every year and our supply of money and resources aren’t endless. Time for stupid Americans and immigrants to realize this is our country. It’s not a dumping ground for every idiot with a problem. Their parents made a bad decision and they and their illegal children should be sent packing.

  • Mallo

    I never had a problem with their pursuit of the American dream but I’ve gotten sick of their refusal to assimilate to a functional level (no one is asking you to discard your identity) also calling everyone a racist seems to be their mantra and you know the hypocrisy of that

    • Me

      You may not have a problem w their pursuit of the American dream but I do. First reason, they aren’t American and second, by supporting them you are taking food out of my future grandchilds mouth.

      • El Ma

        ME, what a baseless statement. Everyone in this country is either an immigrant, or descended from immigrants. Even the Native Nations made their ways here. So……….might be good to contemplate that.

        Having typed that, everyone who wishes to immigrate into this country should follow the same guidelines, and the “anchor-baby” statute needs to be thrown out, entirely.

      • Me

        It is not a baseless statement. This is not 1900 or before. This country is full. We have no more money left to save the world. Get in line or get out. And I’m agreeing w you on the anchor baby biz. That’s next.

      • Writer Girl

        Yes, and in the future, they’ll take much more. Look at what is happening here. They’ll take not only take our money, but our language, culture and identity. And they’ll love it, as they are entitled, pompous Hispanic jerks, who think just because they want a good life, it’s our obligation to provide it. All illegals of all ages, need to go.

  • Me

    We can’t afford these kids. Let their country of origin pick up the tab. When kids in this country can go to school for free, when everyone has healthcare, when our infrastructure is upgraded, when we have no more debt….only then should we extend help to others.

    • El Ma

      I looked into the requirements to emigrate into New Zealand, Australia, and other nations, and there are very strict rules for most of them…………unless, your’e a “refugee” seeking political asylum. Righto – off we go!

      • Me

        Try to immigrate to France . They wanna see your financials and if they show you aren’t capable of supporting yourself w no burden on their social programs …. turn around and go home and DONT get back in line until you can. That’s the criteria we need here. Kinda like tough love.

    • CeeMe

      It’s not over yet, as Congress will likely cave into these jerks, joined by businesses and idiot Americans. Let’s hope we get back to rationality and laws and putting America first again.

      • Me

        I have never showed up at a protest in my life. But I’m more than willing to show support for sending ALL illegals back to where they came from. I too am sick of them, their protests and their lack of respect for OUR country. They have sucked up jobs that’s belong to American workers and desimmated our wage structure. They have not added value to the American experience, they are detractors. That’s the math.

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