Body of Missing Temple University Student Found in Wayne County

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PAUPACK TOWNSHIP -- Investigators said the body of a missing Temple student was found in Wayne County.

Jenna Burleigh, 22, was last seen leaving a bar near Temple University in Philadelphia around 2 a.m. Thursday.

The investigation led police to a home in a gated community near Hawley. That's where police say they discovered Burleigh's body Saturday afternoon.

Police said the home belongs to the grandmother of Joshua Hupperterz, 29, of Philadelphia. Police say he was the last person seen with Burleigh.

Philadelphia police say Hupperterz will be charged with murder. Investigators said he admitted to elements of the crime.

Police also searched an apartment on North 16th Street in Philadelphia.

There is no word how Burleigh died, but police believe her body was taken from the apartment on North 16th Street to a home in Jenkintown before she was brought to Wayne County.

Burleigh was a commuter student at Temple from Lower Salford Township in Montgomery County. Her friends and family had been trying to reach her around the clock and when they could not, many feared the worst.

Investigators said Burleigh met Hupperterz at a bar the night she went missing. They do not believe there was any previous relationship between them.

Hupperterz was taken into custody in Wayne County and brought back to Philadelphia.

Court records show Hupperterz has two DUI convictions in Dunmore, a drug possession conviction in Wayne County, and a conviction for stealing a car in Scranton.


  • CeeMe

    DON’T leave any place or go into any place with someone you don’t know. A possible relationship, friendship or sexual encounter, is not worth your life!

  • Winston

    Condolences to her family. Why is regular Philadelphia crime being reported in NEPA however? Sustenance for a liberal agenda maybe? That is pretty shameless by any measure of regard. What a damning and wild world we partake in these days. You can just feel this thing called “race” coming as a description to some effect. The meek will inherit nothing. Stand up and be counted.

    • CeeMe

      Her body was found in Hawley, not Philadelphia. As for his race, a physical description helps track down criminals, but I didn’t see anything about his race here, on liberal WNEP, even though other sites show him as being mixed or Hispanic in race.

    • Whoa!

      No, no, no, Torture, you dont quite understand our judicial system. We have a thing in this country called “NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY.” Like I said, we’re not China quite yet. We’re close, very close, but not yet.

    • Whoa!

      He can move in with me if that’s the case. I have a special place in my heart for people suffering from mental illness. It’s not a fun place to be. I keep my demons at bay through the use of medications and a very good Doctor. Perhaps this young man did not have the proper resources to combat his unfortunate illness.

  • Shane

    In Filthadelphia born and raised, in the bars where I spent most of my days

    The guy had a stash of drugs so she probably was not abducted

    • jeneqa

      From the NY Daily News… “She was last seen on surveillance footage leaving the bar and walking with Hupperterz to his apartment.”

    • Me

      if she had been smoking pot instead of drinking, this most likely would not have happened. I can’t wait for the pot stores to open myself. I’m gonna be first in line!

      • Me

        Yep, it probably happened as follows. She was drunk, the first thing that goes when you drink is your ability to make intelligent choices. She decided to go to his house to get smoked up, the story I read said he had 20k in weed at his house. That’s at least 5 lbs. So he got her smoke up. She either wanted to leave or wanted to take a nap. He wanted to take her clothes off so she started screaming so he got scared and silenced her. That’s what I think happened.

      • 80 years old and thank GOD

        And for every pot store there are 40 booze hangouts. So you are on the loosing end of that theory.



    • jeneqa

      Remember young ladies,…it’s your right and not impolite or ‘racist’ to turn someone down who wants to be with you.

      • J.F.C.

        what on earth does this have to do with race or being racist? why must people in this area always bring that factor into the equation?

    • Shane

      You can tell women that a million times and they still won’t listen. You can tell women not to send western union to men they met off of the internet and they will still do it. You can tell women not to let service repair men into their homes until it is verified with their company but guess what they still won’t listen. I blame her friends for not going to the bar with her

      • El Ma

        SHANE, I actually blame the “alleged” murderer. If he hadn’t bludgeoned and strangled her, she wouldn’t have died.

  • booklover0199

    I cannot for the life of me understand why this beautiful girl would leave a bar with someone she did not know, and alone!!!! Cardinal rule…….you NEVER, NEVER, EVER do that!!! Women especially have to be smart nowadays…there are too many bad people out there waiting to take advantage……especially college girls. Parents, please preach to your daughters, and sons too!…….be smart.

  • El Ma

    Oh, how dreadful. My deepest sympathies to her family, friends, and loved ones – there really are no words, here. What a terrible thing.

    • Shane

      Her family friends and loved ones should of went to the bar with her or stopped her from going alone but I know alcoholis need their fix

      • you

        That’s why they have drive through liquor in many states. It really reduces the number of interpersonal interactions. And of course it really helps when your too drunk to walk.

  • monsters among us

    Horrible to know there are such monsters out there! So sad that someone always had to die before they’re taken out of the communities! Despicables!

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