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Hurricane Harvey’s Possible Gasoline Impact

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- The remnants of Hurricane Harvey are more than a thousand miles away from our area.

Yet, the big storm could have an impact on your life.

The impact could come in the form of higher gasoline prices. No change so far, but it could be a different story by the end of the week.

Gasoline futures, which reflect wholesale prices charged to gas stations, jumped seven per cent overnight because the storm closed ten refineries in southeastern Texas. The

The Houston area is home to refineries that represent about one-third of the country's refining capacity. In addition, rigs out in the gulf were shut down last week, as the storm approached.

According to AAA, gasoline prices have been holding steady. The

The Pennsylvania average is $2.54 a gallon. That's up twenty cents from one year ago.

There is some good news in all of this. A gasoline industry expert says if there is a Harvey related spike, it shouldn't last long.


  • 😤

    So ridiculous! They already hiked it up 5 cents where I live. It’s all about the all “mighty” dollar! Personally there’s no reason for it to be up over 2 bucks a gallon. But that Good ole Democrat governor of ours with his gas tax . Someone I know told my husband that about 1.06 of what we pay is tax. Tell me that isn’t nothing but a bunch of you know what. It’s pretty sad when gas prices in NY and NJ are cheaper than here. And btw, this ” gas tax” was supposed to be for fixing our roads and all I ever hear about is these new projects they’re working on. Not fixing what’s broken. Nothing but a crock of poo! Our Governor is a jerk! He needs to get gone asap!!!

  • charles

    Indian gas station owners will already be raising the prices due to the holiday coming up, what a scam. Don’t get me started on all the tax breaks “they” get when a regular american can’t open a business.

      • charles

        Oh, let’s see, cash discount. You think that’s reported? HAHA.
        Q: Does the IRS pay billions in tax refunds to workers who are in the U.S. illegally?
        A: Yes. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General determined that $4.2 billion was paid in 2010
        So by 2005, the recent IG report said, 796,000 persons without valid Social Security numbers claimed refundable child credits totaling $924 million, and in 2008, these claims had risen to 1,526,276 persons claiming $2.1 billion in refunds.

  • gonna get worse

    And it will get worse. That’s what we get for not developing renewable (and non centralized!!) energies. Imagine if you had a solar charging set up for your car at your house and didn’t need gas or the electric company. Ain’t gonna happen while the petroleum industry has the GOP in their pockets.

  • Lance

    Any excuse from wall street speculators to raise the price. It never goes down as fast as it is jacked up. Total BS

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