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Lou Barletta Announces Run for U.S. Senate Seat

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LUZERNE COUNTY  -- U.S. Representative Lou Barletta announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate Tuesday morning.

The Luzerne County native and Republican lawmaker made the announcement to Newswatch 16 Monday night.

Barletta, former mayor of Hazleton, was an early supporter of President Trump. He released a video at 7 a.m. Tuesday about his bid.

Former Hazleton city councilman, mayor, and now U.S. congressman, Lou Barletta is giving up his seat to run for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate.

Barletta, an ally of President Trump, was at Trump's side on Pennsylvania primary night last year.

"I like him personally. I think, you know, you can't beat a guy like that, honest, to me," said Joseph Dilmore of Scranton.

"I'm not fond of his political views. They are not aligned with mine and I certainly would not support him taking Senator Casey's seat," said John Morrow of Scranton.

If he is successful in capturing the Republican nomination, Barletta will likely face off against two-term incumbent Democrat Bob Casey of Scranton. The former Pennsylvania auditor general and treasurer was first elected to the Senate in 2006.

The Pennsylvania Democratic party wasted no time, issuing a statement just minutes after Barletta's announcement. It said, in part, Congressman Barletta is out of touch with Pennsylvania values.


  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Hilarious….. there’s going to be such a backlash (look at the dismal approval ratings) Barletta will get nowhere near the Senate…..

  • caps not on

    Hope you loose ya Lou-ser you have been a do nothing waste of space in congress did NOTHING for your constituents ….Drain the swamp and start with Lou.

  • Janet

    No, Casey is out of touch with Pennsylvanians! We voted for TRUMP because we want to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”

    • Jeff Woehrle

      Exactly right. The democrat party has done nothing for workers, and nothing for minorities. President Trump enjoyed tremendous support from democrats…and that has things looking pretty grim for Bob Casey.


    Build a wall around the skook and the hazelton area and probably the shamokin area as well. Those places need separated off off from society. They are are an enigma.

  • Lance

    The only decent thing to come out of Luzerne county. He went after illegals in his home town. Now he will continue in the Senate

  • Dumb Them Down

    Welcome to NEPA. Where unconstitutional ideas that cost a cut $1M are celebrated. This do nothing congressman is sure to make a great do nothing senator. Go Putin! What a latkey.

    • lookback

      Again the trumpistas show their true colors, real Americans celebrate red, white and blue and trumpistas long for being solidly red just like the communists. But hey if it will keep Barletta out of PA all the better, heck let’s make him an astronaut and let him be one of those on the first one way trip to Mars.

      • lookback

        Poor Jeffy, yep I need a tissue, did make quite a mess on your wife last night, I’ll leave it for you to smell. By the way what is a gruber since the word does not exist in the English language, perhaps you meant grubber. Need a GED Jeffy?

      • Jeff Woehrle

        Aw, you are the one whining, gruber.

        Get used to President Trump. From the looks of it, you’d better get used to Senator Barletta as well.

        Making Pennsylvania Red Again. Nice ring to it, eh?

    • tonya

      Illegals who do not respect our language, our culture, our people, our country. We pay the taxes that pay the salaries of the senators who decree illegal aliens shall get welfare, drivers licenses, housing and even Dish tv. Thank you Mr. Barletta for standing up for us!

      • Proletariat

        Our language? We have no language. There is no official language of the United States. German, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and Native Languages have been spoken here since before the formation of the United States.

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