Powerful Storms Move Through Our Area

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Strong storms moved through our area Tuesday evening.

Those storms even prompted tornado warnings in parts of Luzerne and Monroe Counties.

Many viewers have been sending photos and videos of what was happening where they live.

Glen Pascoe recorded video in Sugar Notch just as the tornado warning was issued for Luzerne County and the wind was whipping.

There were a lot of photos of lightning.

And after the storm, some damage was left behind including a tree down on a house in Dunmore.

Another tree lay across a road in Hanover Township near Wilkes-Barre.

And a tree and pole came down outside Liberty Fire Company in Schuylkill Haven after a wild night of weather.


  • Granny

    I don’t mind hearing about bad weather but for 1/2 hr, the same information is given….. why can’t you scroll across the bottom of the screen!

  • Sharon

    Can someone contact the national weather service and tell them their warnings are outdated. Every 15 min they are breaking into broadcasting to issue warnings for the tornado warning that happened yesterday!

      • Please help me WNEP

        Just because you don’t use this site to fix things doesn’t mean no one else does. Why, just the other day this helpful man on here said he would use my social security number to help me get money from that Nigerian Prince to pay the IRS that keeps calling me. I just don’t understand why everyone from the IRS sounds like they’re from India.

    • DIY

      Typical liberal, wants someone else to fix things for them. Hey Sharon, ever think of contacting them yourself? 🤔

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