The Unveiling of a New Suite at East Stroudsbug University in Monroe County

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EAST STROUDSBURG —  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday for a new suite building opening to East Stroudsburg University students this semester.

Sycamore Suites is just one part of the revitalization of Residence Life and Housing at the University.

The suite will accommodate 496 students with four different style suites to choose from.

Each room has individualized heating and air, plus the building also has two spacious lounges on the ground floor for student programs and activities.

A interesting touch to the suite was a monument on the patio made from bricks of former Hawthorn and Hemlock Residence Halls.

Building tours followed the ribbon cutting on Friday.


  • Are you for real?

    Really? You need all these amenities when you are chugging beer ,complaining about Trump, missing classes due to a need to recover feom whatever protests. I just had a simple room with a bed and a desk. I managed to get through school without being deprived.

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