Here Are the Confederate Memorials That Will Be Removed After Charlottesville

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More than 150 years after the Civil War ended, the Confederacy is memorialized with statues, monuments and historical markers across the United States.

Some say they mark history and honor heritage. Others argue they are racist symbols of America’s dark legacy of slavery.

A nationwide debate surrounding this issue has been underway since Dylann Roof killed nine African-Americans in a Charleston church in 2015, in an effort to “start a race war.” And it flared up again after white nationalists marched last weekend to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one woman was killed amid violent clashes between demonstrators.

The National Register of Historic Places does not keep a detailed list of Confederate memorials across the United States. In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified 1,503 Confederate “place names and other symbols in public spaces” across the nation, but admitted the study was “far from comprehensive.”

Many local government officials are now weighing whether to keep Confederate memorials in their cities and towns. Here’s a state-by-state breakdown.



The Charlottesville City Council voted in April to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at the newly-renamed Emancipation Park, CNN affiliate WVIR reported. The violence there over the weekend stemmed from this decision. The removal is on hold pending litigation.


A Confederate statue called “Old Joe” was removed in Gainesville, Florida, on Monday. The statue sat outside the Alachua County Administration building for more than 100 years. The Alachua County Board of Commissioners made the decision to remove the statue in May after two years of debate. It will be relocated by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners voted in July to remove the Memoria In Aeterna monument, which honors Confederate soldiers, from a county courthouse. The board is also expected to relocate the Hillsborough County Civil War Veterans Monument.

North Carolina

Protesters toppled over a Confederate statue in front of a Durham County courthouse in North Carolina on Monday. The monument depicted a soldier holding a gun and had an engraving that said: “In memory of the boys who wore gray.” The protest was held in response to the Charlottesville violence.


Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, said he will ask the city council to approve relocating two Confederate-era monuments from a former courthouse in the city. The mayor announced the decision in a series of tweets after the Charlottesville attacks.

“I am taking action to relocate the Confederate statues. We have thoroughly examined the issue, and heard from many of our citizens,” Gray said. In another tweet, Gray said he planned to make the announcement next week, but said his decision was affected by the “tragic events” in Charlottesville.

Considering removing


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on Tuesday called for the formation of a task force to determine the fate of Confederate statues in city parks during the next 90 days, including the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park and the Confederate War Memorial in downtown Dallas, CNN affiliate KTVT reported. “This is simple. We could remove them, the question is, how do we heal on this issue? To do that we have to talk and listen to one another,” Rawlings said.

Two city councilmen in San Antonio have pushed for the removal of a Confederate monument at Travis Park, CNN affiliate KSAT reported. Councilmen Roberto Treviño and William “Cruz” Shaw jointly filed a consideration to relocate the monument where it could be used in an “educational context.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked the city staff to compile an inventory of Confederate statues and make recommendations about whether they should be removed from city property. Members of the public urged the council to take down the statues. “It is my hope that we can, in a very positive and constructive way, move forward,” Turner said.


Anna Lopez Brosche, city council president in Jacksonville, said she asked city officials for an inventory of all Confederate monuments and markers. Brosche said in a press release that she plans to submit legislation to relocate the monuments to museums for “appropriate historical context.”

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Officials in Richmond, Virginia, have started to hold public meetings for community input on the future of the city’s many Civil War monuments and statues. According to local reports, the meeting was civil and both sides seemed equally supported. The city hopes to have a plan in place later this fall.


An official with the City of Atlanta told CNN that the city is currently reviewing options for the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park, which is owned by the city. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed asked the public art commission to review the city’s art and determine which pieces have ties to racism and slavery, but hasn’t asked to remove any.


Birmingham Mayor William Bell ordered plastic draped over the Confederate monument at Linn Park and a plywood structure built around it while officials decide what to do. State law prohibits a city from taking down the monument, he said, but not covering it up. “This country should in no way tolerate the hatred that the KKK, neo-Nazis, fascists and other hate groups spew,” he said. “The God I know doesn’t put one race over another.”

Not removing


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey told CNN affiliate KTVK that he will not remove any Confederate monuments or memorials and will instead leave that decision up to the public.

“It’s not my desire or mission to tear down any monuments or memorials. We have a public process for this. If the public wants to be engaged on this, I’d invite them to get engaged in it,” Ducey said.


Officials with Gettysburg National Military Park said they have no plans to remove any of the park’s 1,300-plus monuments, markers or plaques.


  • JR

    The Gettysburg Battlefield is a museum.The statues and plaques there tell the story of the Battle and the civil war. It is an amazing place to commemorate the sacrifices of both the Union and the Confederate warriors. That has a valid and important place in our history. That type of commemoration is appropriate and vital to our history. The majority of statues were erected decades after the war and were not on the battlefields but in towns were the Jim Crow laws were designed to suppress blacks. To deny this truth is to not want to face the truth and that is the problem. To take a stance that they were to honor the confederate soldiers is to honor traitors to the United States of America.There is no other truth about this. It’s time to stop all this denial and go forward…the wars over, the South lost. Done.

  • Writer Girl

    Hey American Idiots! How’s all that diversity working for you? See what diversity is all about now? That’s right. A dismantling of your country and its values. Make everything negative. Ignore the good. This is just the beginning. Have fun living under the thumb of racists and in your leftist society, Fools!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Arrests are being made as a result of the vandalism to the monuments in North Carolina! Thank god!!!

    Failure to report by leftie wnep.

  • magicmikexxsm

    If and when the protesters get to Gettysburg, that’s when this non violent person “me” boards a bus with a baseball bat to Gettysburg to protect history……

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That’s right. It’s not inciting violence by any twist of the imagination.

      It’s inciting defense.

    • El Ma

      I’m planning a trip to Gettysburg with my sons, very soon. I want them to know and understand that this war tore the country, states, friends, and families apart, and that the price that was paid for standing by one’s ideals was the ultimate sacrifice.

      These battlefields are sacred ground. The courageous men who fought on both sides for what they believed in should be remembered as long as the U.S. remains a nation. When civil discourse dissolves into violent anarchy, civil war is inevitable. (sigh) We really didn’t learn anything from that dreadful time, did we?

  • Robert

    So sad to see that our education system has failed so many. Reading, writing and arithmetic are certainly important however, History is very underrated. The Bolsheviks, China’s cultural revolution, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Taliban, Isis and many more began this way. The horrific suffering and death of many started with this simple action of destroying monuments giving way to identity politics, progressing to neighbor telling on neighbor followed by arrest and detention. You fools are headed down a rocky road, perhaps not so for yourself but for our children. As your foolish and selfish emotions erode the rule of law, freedom is stolen.
    I call you who choose to erase what we have collectively learned fools!

  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    I suggest anybody that’s offended by the destruction of history make a phone call to these mayors office no matter how far away they are and let them know how you feel. They don’t have the right to single handedly undo history like that. Unanimous city council vote or not.

    Google their numbers and take 5 minutes
    To call them.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I will not stand for this to happen live and in front of my eyes.
    I can’t help what happens states away.

    However, I will do something do defend it, if I see someone destroying a piece of my American history in my area.

  • El Ma

    Omigosh……….it’s begun, then. Making history more palatable, pleasant, friendly, nice.

    Everyone? HEY, EVERYONE? I am so sorry that I am white and hetero. Really, I am. I feel so much guilt for what I am, and what people I never even knew did decades and decades ago. I promise that I’ll stop being who I am and be whom you all think I should be if you’ll promise that you won’t throw battery acid in my face, or use an aerosol-can-turned-improvised-blow-torch to burn me. I will call you whatever you think you are, today, and try to keep one step ahead of you so that I won’t inadvertently offend you, tomorrow.

    Dammit, I was warned of this, and it’s really happening……….it really is……..

  • A

    It is our history they shouldn’t be removed. We can’t remove from our past slavery and a civil war. It may be difficult to understand but it is a part of us. We cannot forget our past tragic sad as it is. Im sure there are germans in Germany that would love to have the concentration camps removed. But they will not . Because it is the past they will not forget the victims. So how could we ?

    • Lance

      I forgot to add this as well. We had internment camps for japanese Americans, we decimated American Indian tribes , in times of trouble habeas corpus was suspended and martial law declared in some cases. We were never perfect. But we learned and grew from our past. Our history should never be forgotten for if we did that how would learn never again?

      • Armstrong

        Every time I read my history books I want to cry…

        Maybe we should all work on making things better…

      • El Ma

        Lance, I would like to believe that we learned from the past, but this wanton destruction and violence smacks of times long gone.

        If you watch the footage of the people toppling that monument in NC., you will notice that they’re ALL no older than 35 and they ALL have their smart phones recording the mayhem. None of those youths make enough money to travel to different States to generate such actions, so the most plausible explanation for these vagabond urban terrorists is that they are on somebody’s payroll………….imagine that! Being paid to tear stuff up, attack other people, riot, loot, and throw firebombs without any fear of the consequences because somebody (or, MANY somebodies) will pay a good attorney to get them off.


  • Get it together

    all these years things have been put up all around the country, now we have babies who throw fits and things get taken down- grow up do something productive

  • B

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. It seems like soon enough there will be another civil war with the way this country is forcing its people to choose sides.

  • Candy Mcgavin

    Does anyone really know why we had a civil war it was’t all about freeing the slaves it was mostly about the mighty dollar and the economy they had free labor and we didn’t kinda like what we do now with the illegal aliens except now they use temp services to sneak them into companies for cheap labor wile having plausible deniability in there back pocket!

    • III%

      When the time comes, you will receive a location. You need only bring guns and bullets.
      They made this union and they will save this union.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      They are not talking about demolition, they are talking about relocation. History isn’t being erased, it’s being put in museums. Too many people are babies about change.

  • seen it all

    The civil war monuments symbolize the end of slavery to me , What some zealots do to abolish historic references is beyond me. As to why the blacks are the ones whom promote racism over a past that they never lived in is beyond me . All I hear now is people promoting welfare and criminal activity instead of holding jobs and educating themselves to a better life . Why can’t people ignore the “supremists” and the Obama welfare crowd , They don’t have anything valid to say , just stupid people .

  • Rock'em Sock'em Statues

    “…Lee was put off by the developing passion for constructing monuments to the Civil War and its fallen soldiers. When the founders of the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association wrote Lee in 1869, as he paraphrased their invitation “to attend a meeting of the officers engaged in that battle… for the purpose of marking upon the ground by enduring memorials of granite the position and movement of the armies in the field,” Lee replied in a withering fashion considerably less polite than was his habit: ‘My engagements will not permit me to be present, and I believe if there I could not add anything material to the information existing on the subject. “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavoured to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered.’”
    – The Making of Robert E. Lee by Michael Fellman

  • Proletariat

    The one place that the momuments are even remotely okay is on actual battlefields. Not in front of courthouses or public parks.

      • El Ma

        Jessicainwilliamsport, I’m so sorry that you view monuments in that way because that’s not what they commemorate, at all. There were heroic individuals, courageous groups, and sacred places where certain historical events occurred.

        If a person is commemorated, perhaps, it might be a wise option to research why that person was immortalized rather than what has erroneously been taught to further promote white guilt. I, for one, do not suffer from this condition because, at no time during my life, or my ancestors’, has there been a single incident of slave-ownership. I was raised in the South and I never owned a cotton field, either.

    • El Ma

      DMITRIYEPELBOYM, monuments do not praise war in this country. They commemorate the heroism and honor of individuals. Some monuments mark specific places of solemnity for what occurred on those hallowed grounds.

      None of this is about racism. It’s about forcing everyone into the same jello mold so that we’re biting and scratching at one another instead of paying attention to what’s really happening in our nation. What a sad, sad shame.

    • United We Stand

      The North won the war. Time to get over it and move on. Those who honor the Confederacy honor traitors to the Union and cannot call themselves patriots. And those who don’t understand the difference between the fight for civil rights for all Americans vs the fight to continue slavery and white supremacy are just stupid.

      • United We Stand

        Are you kidding me? You need a serious education about slavery. Fatherless families??? How about breaking up families by selling spouses and children ??? Do you have children?? How do you think your mother would feel to see you sold to the highest biddetr. Not much thinking is required to see how deplorable slavery was. Get off the drugs my friend.

      • El Ma

        United We Stand, I find your forum ID incongruous with your typed views – you do not understand that there was a completely different mind-set in the mid 1800’s. People were concerned with survival and advancement, not feelings or pronouns.

        There were honorable and dishonorable soldiers on both sides of the lines, and if one monument goes, they should all go, including every monument that immortalizes every conflict, war, or hero, including Audie Murphy, MLK, every Kennedy, and everyone else.

        This isn’t about racism, Nazism, or hate. It’s about history, and your history, my history, and this Nation’s history is being erased. I hope that you’re well-pleased with this turn of events because, certainly, we’ll all be bound to “Stand United,” now, or we’ll be called out as racists if we don’t.

      • United We Stand

        El ma- What the heck are you talking about? If what you are trying to say is that parents of children in the 1800’s thought nothing of selling them then that speaks volumes of what lies inside your heart. Now or even hundreds of years ago we are still about survival and advancement. The difference today is that some of us do not think advancement and survivalI should rely on the use of slaves. I have no clue what you mean by not worrying about pronouns other than you used the word whom improperly in your response to me. Your inclusion of MLK as a historic war figure has left me scratching my head. Unlike the Confederates who sought to tear apart out nation through war, he sought equality for all Americans and did so peacefully.

      • El Ma

        United We Stand……….

        Any monument that commemorates ANY individual should be removed if this is to be an exercise in equality. No, MLK was not a war hero, but his efforts were fraught with violence. No Kennedy memorials because Jack was a womanizing and ineffective leader. No memorials of Barney the Dinosaur because some snowflakes get triggered by purple plushies.

        Confederates wanted to secede from the Union, peacefully, and it just didn’t happen that way as the first shot fired at Sumter began the whole fray.

        I didn’t suggest that families wanted to sell their children in the 1800’s, by any stretch of the imagination. A very tiny percentage of Southern people actually owned slaves and it is a ridiculous misconception that this was rampant throughout the Southern States. It wasn’t.

        Aside from these things, if you are set to nitpick and poke to continue the dialogue, you’re out of luck. At this point, and because of your willful ignorance, you are simply not deserving of a response. You’re one of the screamers that cannot hold your rhetoric long enough to actually THINK.


      • L.J.

        Trump won the election, Get over that. This is mostly over power, the nazi talk, removal of statues, slavery. All it is is a tool used to get back power that certain groups of people, politicians feel they lost. Oh and before you accuse me of voting for President Trump, I didn’t vote for either Clinton or The current president.

    • seen it all

      I LOVE IT !!! , You know I am really sick of all the streets , buildings , schools with his name on it . Not that I care , but fair is fair . Of course todays standards will make them elton john way , or freddie mercury drive and we can’t win .

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