Bloomsburg Radio Personality Involved in Alt-Right March in Charlottesville

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BLOOMSBURG -- Video of last weekend's white supremacist rally in Virginia was posted on YouTube by a radio station personality in Bloomsburg, and now the station is losing sponsors.

This all centers on Dave Reilly, who does an evening show on WHLM in Bloomsburg. We do not know if he will be back Tuesday night. Reilly is also the director of new media for radio station WHLM.

The controversy began when video surfaced on social media, showing Reilly at last weekend's white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The video from Dave Reilly is on YouTube, showing the "Unite the Right" rally in CharlottesvilleĀ this past weekend.

Reilly's Twitter account says the alt right slept tight. His controversial tweets have now been made private.

"My dad still lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. It really hit home. I equate it to a school shooting. Everybody says it's not going to happen here until it actually does," said Nate Wheeler.

Wheeler and Chris Demelfi organized a protest Monday night in front of the WHLM studio on Main Street in Bloomsburg. Marchers brought protest signs to the radio station during Reilly's normal shift. They told us Reilly was not there.

"It was just a couple of guys standing up for what we believe in, which isn't racism," said Wheeler.

"Dave Reilly is one of the voices on the only radio station in Bloomsburg. If he's promoting his small mindedness, that's his right. But he doesn't represent us," said Chris Demelfi.

Newswatch 16's Peggy Lee spoke with Reilly on the phone Monday night. He told her he was at the rally as a private citizen not affiliated with the radio station.

A representative from WHLM told Newswatch 16, "(WHLM) has never condoned racism, bigotry, or hatred toward anyone or any group."

Listeners are concerned.

"I don't think that having a show like that is conducive to the things that I would like to see happen, let's put it that way," said John Polhill.

WHLM is also losing sponsors, including Bloomsburg University.

"We quickly made a decision that we were going to terminate all of our advertising with the Columbia Broadcasting Company, effective immediately," said Bloomsburg University official Tom McGuire.

McGuire is the director of media relations at Bloomsburg University. He tells Newswatch 16 he started getting calls from alumni Monday asking to pull the advertising.

"We really can't partner with someone who doesn't share those same values," said McGuire.

WHLM broadcasts Bloomsburg University's football games. No decision has been made on whether that partnership will continue.

Another sponsor to pull its advertising is Turkey Hill Brewing Company, saying, "we did advertise with WHLM. We have contacted the station to pull them (Turkey Hill Brewing ads) effective immediately."

The Pine Barn Inn in Danville tells Newswatch 16 it discontinued advertising on WHLM, effective immediately.

"I applaud them for standing up for what's right and not feeding into this hate machine that these guys use as a platform," Wheeler said.

"They're obviously reading the social media posts and they're reading what's on the website. They're saying this isn't something we want to put our money towards," added DeMelfi.

WHLM released a statement. It's owned by Columbia Broadcasting. It says the station, "has never condoned racism, bigotry, or hatred toward anyone or any group."

WHLM pointed to what it calls its record of community service and its positive community standards.


  • CeeMe

    So now the Alt-Right and a bunch of grandstanding advertisers are going to make a big deal about our Constitutional Rights!

  • sc

    hate is a result of fear and fear is the unwillingness to accept what we dont understand. violence is a result of being conditioned by fear and the act to forcefully change what we simply dont understand or accept. So (left or right) anyone acting out in violence,(other than self preservation/defense), is enslaved by the social conditioning, lack spiritual connection and individuality and believe they MUST belong on a team,party or cult to be valid.

    • CeeMe

      Go away, counselor. You obviously don’t know anything about the way many Americans feel, that has nothing to do with hate. The Nazi’s will be extremists, but they can be that and the left will continue to do most of the violence. Keep trying to deny American citizens and this is what happens.

      • sc

        and your the angry fighting type. its all good. ill defend my own if the time comes….untill then i rather promote peace and self reliance

    • Are you kidding!?!

      I guess you were never in a fist fight in school. Stuff Happens. You must base your opinion on a theoretical world. You should see what the military is like. It will blow your theory to pieces. Peace.

  • Jack Irvin

    Only media is calling this a “white supremacists” rally, They never ever said they were supreme, they were protesting just like BLM, LGBT or any other group. You can not trust the twisted liberal media’s spin

    • Sherry

      This comes down to a father positioning himself for a council position using his son to get the college vote Mr. Demelfi has in the past made his feelings known about the LGBTQ Community and social engineering programs, and the largest voting group in Bloomsburg is the University. The best way to win them is to make them feel like they are railing against something, and gaining something in the process. He has made his intentions in the past very clear, and people know them this year.

  • snowflakesneedalife

    The problem with rallies or protest are the opposing protests. Doesn’t matter which side is having some silly little meaningless nobody cares about rally. Once you show up to protest them, bad things will happen. You show up looking for a fight, and crap like this happens.

  • Robert

    So was there anybody we know on the side that showed up organized with baseball bats and helmets but no permit to assemble? Or will they remain anonymous? I see the right wing wacko’s brought out some big names that did make the news. Anybody pay attention to the tactics the Police (by direction of the city) used to disassemble the unlawful assembly? Were Pawns my friends. Either side.

    • Are you kidding!?!

      Both sides were Leftists. There was no right involved. Nazis, Commies, BLM, Antifa are Leftists.

  • Walt choma

    A good bit of Columbia county is filled with these idiots in biggest that preached this eight not uncommon crap it’s been going on for years and Columbia County lot of is responsible by our local Republicans

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    One simple question deserving of an answer:

    What did pulling down the statue accomplish?

    It was some abstract idea to rid the country of hate and racism, is that a safe assumption?

    Did it accomplish that? Or did it make it worse?

    • McCracken

      Why continue to display these monuments, in public, though? Why not move them to a museum, or national battlefield? Would you be happy if someone erected a statue of Malcolm X in your home town?

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        I wouldn’t care if they did. This was erected in 1924. You don’t have much of an argument. Try again.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say move them.

        Monuments are in places for various reasons.

        We’re talking history here, not racism. I love history and find it fascinating. Black history, white history, I don’t care, it’s all intriguing.

        If one monument falls, they are all at risk.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’d get on board with hoping for peace and change if it wasn’t for my fear of becoming a liberal.

    • sc

      You are on board Lloyd, with peace and harmony. Your just tired of the simple minds of the conditioned ones, like Me and El Ma and others, We refuse to be conditioned and live in fear and loathing. Conservative ways are liberating and natural. Anything else is chaos and unstable.
      Like the (true) history of Thanksgiving. it was the celebration of a successful year without socialism.

      • El Ma

        SC, fear is the driving factor, here. Fear, and anarchists. People who accept money in exchange for inciting violence, fear, and terror. All of these fringe groups are urban terrorists, and I thank God that I live in an area where these idiots would never, ever, EVER be welcome, or allowed to pull their shenanigens.

        I do not suffer from white guilt, pronoun corrections, privileges, or any other of the steaming, stinking, ‘possum-poop that’s been tossed about for the past 4-6 years. It has gotten out of hand, and Soros is funding both sides of this rusty coin, I believe.

        So……….having typed that………may everyone, everywhere, rest easy, say your prayers (or, not) for the people and victims of this absolute foolishness, and feel pity for those who are willfully ignorant. When they can’t even talk about their property taxes without being imprisoned, they might think back and say, “Oh, boy – I just didn’t believe it was possible.”

  • Ben Ricoby

    So now journalist are attacked for covering a national story because some snowflakes don’t like the people they covered? This is pure totalitarian frenzy and sickness. Anyone who engages in this witch hunt and claims to love freedom and democracy is both a liar and a hypocrite.

  • laura

    why is ok to have black lives matter riot in streets but not for white people to protest without rioting? i don’t like the views of either group but only the white group is getting singled out. no one dares say a word against the black lives matter.

  • Kelli

    bravo to all those companies pulling out from WHLM; we do not need to spread hate.. that rally was uncalled for! they are not “alt – right” what they are is Nazi’s who deserve to be prosecuted!! we all bleed the same color blood.. and there is only ONE race- the human race!!

    • Jess

      All of these types of rallies, protests are uncalled for. A group of single minded individuals gathering together to try and prove they’re right and the other group of single minded are wrong are the stupidest people on this planet. Nothing will ever, ever change if we continue down this path.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Yeah, those guys who dressed up like native Americans and destroyed property in Boston Harbor were really stupid and changed nothing. *eyeroll*

    • laura

      where were the businesses pulling their ads from stations who had people at black lives matters riots? or refusing to do business with any company who’s workers were at those black lives matter looting sessions?

  • We need a leader

    He read a piece of paper written by his babysitters. It took him two days to choke out those meaningless words. Disgusting.

  • Rurbanite

    President Trump yesterday called the KKK and Nazis “repugnant” and said they should have no place in America. End of discussion.

  • Are you kidding!?!

    Nazis, Commies and Supremacists of all races are Leftists.
    I have no problem watching both of those Anti-American groups kick each other to the curb.

    Tearing down/destroying statues and erasing history is what ISIS and Communists do.

    • United We Stand

      A statue is not history and its removal does not erase anything. Are you suggesting we need to rebuild Auschwitz in order to remember the atrocities that went on there?

      • El Ma

        Auschwitz is a permanent place of hallowed ground. It is a global monument. Perhaps, it should simply be razed along with the international cemetery in Normandy, France – y’know, to erase any reminders that there was ever hatred, torture, and wholesale murder of tens of millions. Yeah. That makes sense. (face palm)

      • Are you kidding!?!

        After two or three generations have passed, any history associated with those generation passes with them unless it is recorded. History is neither good or bad, right or wrong. Those statues were memorials and monuments to the past. When you destroy them, you are essentially erasing the past(see ISIS destruction of antiquities). Funny, how these statues were not a problem five years ago. But became one when BLM, et al, decided they were. Along those lines, any group that is offended should also have their day? Shall the American Indians have rights to destroy any statues of the US Cavalry and Custer? Same logic.

      • United We Stand

        It probably would have been better had I asked if we need to erect statues of Hitler in order to remember the holocaust. The point remains the same. A statue is not history. The Civil War was a dark period in the history of our nation. We should not be honoring those who wished to destroy it.

    • Consider others

      Put the statues in museums. Fine. Don’t glorify in public places people and ideas who wrought so much suffering. Public squares should celebrate our best

      • Are you kidding!?!

        If you need to understand why the statues and monuments are there, go read Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address in its entirety.

      • El Ma

        Consider Others……….if you remove Robert E. Lee’s monument, then you must remove every other monument in the Nation that might “trigger” someone, including the Viet Nam monument, the 9/11 Monument, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Holocaust Monument, and all of the rest. Why? Because – my brother (RIP) fought in Viet Nam along with hundreds of thousands of other men that were drafted into a war of economic convenience. People I know perished in the attacks against the Twin Towers. There are still a few survivors with tattoos on their forearms of the Holocaust. Martin Luther King, Jr. protested amidst hatred, beatings, and murders to bring equality to blacks.

        All of these examples involved violence. Some of it was reprehensible, and some of it was justified. Not having been at any of these events, I cannot speak to what role I might have played. But, I can certainly say that Robert E. Lee was not a racist right-wingnut swine that took slaves out and beat them on a nightly basis. Lee was a very well-educated and honorable man and a phenomenal leader. Lincoln begged Lee to represent and lead troops for the Union before the Civil War began.

        Without these monuments to remind us all – each of us – of our past, we will continue to repeat the same patterns over, and over, just as we’re doing today.

  • William Abda

    It is a shame these liberal groups don’t recognize constitutional rights of assembly unless it protects them. From what I saw on TV the liberals confronted the “white supremacist group as the media calls them” who were there to demonstrate against removing a civil war stature of General Lee (who signed the surrender papers to end the civil war) ;with name calling and random acts of violence; this set the flash point for an extremist to do a vile act. It cost a life.
    Pulling down a historical monument is also reprehensible . Ask yourself at some future date , with a change in sentiment ; Could Martin Luther Kings monuments and memory be thrashed also ?
    Our history is what it is and we need to learn from the past and protect it, — violent behavior breeds violent behavior.
    The civil war should not ever be forgotten and should be viewed as what can happen when we alienate any section of our country or population. Our differences make us stronger , because they create many points of view for us to draw on.

  • Gene Parmesan

    How about you stop calling them cute names like “alt-right” and call them what they are – Nazis.

  • ochimo

    Free speech does not absolve you of responsibility. You can say or do anything, but you will suffer the consequences of your actions.

    • Patrick Butler

      Since the actions taken this weekend were that of terrorists, then no free speech is not the issue here. If ISIS were to advertise, are you saying you would accept that as free speech?

    • JD

      I suppose the museums will be next. What a bunch of sh*t! Put all of the protesters in a big open cornfield and let em Duke it out the old fashioned way! Maybe, some of them have organ donor cards!

    • joe

      The old Shirley Temple movies, The Dead End Kids, even Gone with the Wind will be next to go if BLM & other domestic terrorist groups continue to prevail.
      Enough of this political correctness BS.
      The Civil War was a bad time period of this country.
      But it happened & it is history.
      History should not be destroyed or forgotten, lest it repeat itself.
      Respect is earned, not given.

  • Henry the 1/8th

    Everyone scrambling to divest themselves from anyone with an unpopular view. I guess this is the new normal.

    • OzzyCoop

      “Unpopular view”? There was a murder at a rally that promoted hatred and violence against a group/groups of people. This @#$@ said “the alt right slept tight”. No remorse or pity that a woman died. You act like the guy wasn’t rallying for racism. “Unpopular view” lol. Way to trivialize hate.

      • Are you kidding!?!

        The Nazis had a permit to demonstrate that was secured by the ACLU. There was no violence until the “counter protesters*” initiated it, when the police placed both groups on a collision course instead of separating them. The Nazis were well armed, yet, no one was shot. We still do not the real story of the car ramming. Just clips of video. Everyone in the media rushes to be the first to be wrong, while voicing their opinion supporting whatever narrative they wish to project to the 30 second attention span public. An investigation needs to happen to determine, exactly what happened. If the outcome of the investigation reveals that the driver acted with malice or panic; he will have his day in court. Logic and a clear head is better than an emotional based decision.

        *antifa, BLM, Commies, etc…

      • El Ma

        The murder that was committed was heinous, indeed. No less heinous than any of the other deaths and wanton destruction perpetrated by ANTIFA or BLM. But, here’s something to contemplate, and I mean to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, be silent for a while, and seriously contemplate this:

        Why does the footage show someone waving a Nazi flag right next to someone who is holding the Confederate rally flag? Why do you suppose that is? Could it be that it was done on purpose to incite even more anger, fear, and loathing?

        I know a couple of people who were at that rally. The original purpose was to protest the removal of a Confederate monument – that’s all. ANTIFA and BLM buses rolled into Charlottesville BEFORE the permitted assembly even began. Think about this………they were armed with home-made chemical weapons using battery acid and other caustics, along with baseball bats, etc. This wasn’t an impromptu response – this was calculated and well-planned.

        Just contemplate this. I ask you, as one human being to another – just sit with it, separate the feelings from the facts, and think about what makes sense and what doesn’t.

  • lester

    So lets ruin a local business doe to 1 employee acting on his feeling while on his own time, and out of the state. Real classy.Bloom has always been odd in my eyes anyways…

    • Rurbanite

      Destroying history? Remember it was the Confederates who invaded Pennsylvania in 1863. Remember the 50,000 casualties at Gettysburg, including some of my ancestors and many from NEPA. Why would we want a monument to this?

      • Jody

        But we do, and it’s visited by thousands of people every year. It’s called the Gettysburg Battlefield.

      • Jess

        Because it’s our history that’s why. Good or bad period. Who is it really hurting? Only the people that want to continually live in the past and play the blame game. I see these statues as educational. Let’s learn from the past and let’s keep these reminders around so we don’t forget where we came from. Let’s grow! We cannot change the past and we cannot erase it either.

      • El Ma

        Rurbanite, how old are you? I only ask because my brother served in Viet Nam and was spat upon by protesters when he returned to the States by people he had never met, and would never know. He was called a “baby-killer” and people screamed slogans at him because he had done his job, like it or not.

        The Confederate States had their reasons, and the Union States had theirs. To clarify, not every southern white owned slaves. In fact, a very, very small percentage did because it was an expensive enterprise. Union farms and industries owned slaves, as well – LEARN your history instead of reacting. Develop your own line of thinking by separating your feelings from the facts. You don’t have to “like” the facts, but just accept that they were, and move on.

      • El Ma

        …..and, by the way, President Lincoln begged Robert E. Lee to represent and lead the Union military. So…….yeah………Lee was a brilliant strategist, West Point educated, and a man of true honor, not the racist that he’s been painted to be.

    • United We Stand

      Scumbags? The South tried to destroy the Union. Why should anyone in America honor traitors? The North won. Time for Southerners to get over it and move on. This is the USA, not the Confederacy of losers.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Well then maybe we should dynamite Plymouth Rock? Toss bleach on the constitution? Give an inch, they’ll take a mile.

        It’s called history they are destroying, except these retarded liberals scumbags are insatiable and will never satisfy with their conquests.

      • ochimo

        History? Ok letā€™s talk about history. When the symbols of this history are used by hate groups, you did and said nothing to stop it. America is built upon the concept that we fight against hate and oppression, so what did you think would happen over time? These symbols were turned into hate symbols, so now they have to go.

      • El Ma

        Oh, for gosh sakes. First of all, the Civil War is over. Confederates invaded the Union. The Union invaded the Confederate States. END OF STORY.

        As I’ve already posted, President Abraham Lincoln recognized that there were patriots who represented both sides. Lincoln also encouraged citizens to learn from history. We haven’t learned anything, and the current level of violence, animosity, malice, and wholesale urban terrorism that exists is beyond anything that I can recollect during my lifetime, including the Civil Rights demonstrations. Yes, people perished and were maimed during that social expression, but we are looking at something entirely different, today. NONE of this is based upon a demand for equality or fair treatment. This has de-evolved into a precursor to a social war within this nation.

        What is it that people just aren’t getting, here? “Hate speech.” “Anti-hate rallies.” “Safe spaces.” Alphabet-gender perceptions (58, currently). “Fat acceptance.” Attempting to rewrite history to be a more gentle, embracing fictional representation. “Free-bleeding” feminists. What is ANY OF THIS doing to address water quality? What is any of this doing to address fuel consumption, poverty, ransom of health services, medication costs, feel-good education that prepares no child to live in the Real World, and a national university system that disallows freedom of dialogue and thoughts?

        Godalmighty, what a mess.

      • History

        History should never be erased. No matter how terrible it is. Its there so we never make those same mistakes.

      • El Ma

        Ochimo……..what, on earth, are you referencing when you suggest that people are going to suffer consequences? Do you not realize that your Right to free speech and expression is in just as much jeopardy as anyone else’s?

        “Hate symbol.” Alright, let’s just examine an extremist example of this on the other end of the spectrum. A rainbow flag or decal represents the idealism of gay/lesbian/trans-whateverthef&ck and has, itself, become a symbol of rabid “hate speech.” When heterosexual people are labeled as, “breeders?” When people who choose not to embrace the basement-dwelling, gay Brony, trans-species lifestyle, they are labeled as, “Nazis?” Lack of historic education does not excuse your ignorance, nor anyone else’s to compare a conservative view to “Nazi” idealism. You have absolutely NO first-hand knowledge of this concept, on any level.

        You thank your lucky stars that the Draft no longer exists so that you, and your ilk, can run around whining about this and that issue over which nobody could give one fart in a windstorm. The First Amendment applies to you, too – just as it does to me, my neighbors, police officers, EMS crews, firemen, veterinarians, scuba instructors, and opera singers.

        I pity ignorance, but I abhor willful ignorance without pity.

      • Are you kidding!?!

        With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.

        Abraham Lincoln

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        To those defending these monuments….you do realize they were put into place 50+ years after the Civil War, right? During the most active time of the KKK, when lynchings were a regular event in these places and a certain segment of the southern population wanted to keep another segment “in their place” and not have them getting “uppity”, right? Is that the kind of history you want to glorify? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. The people using these monuments to rally hatred start with the ones who erected them in the first place.

    • Are you kidding!?!

      No need for a comment section. WNEP is the local ABC affiliate. They have been given their marching orders on how to address the story. The majority of the media is owned by a handful of people on the Left.

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