Casey Talks Rural Health Care

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- While the United States Senate is not in session in Washington, Senator Bob Casey spent some time in the Lewisburg area. He toured Evangelical Community Hospital, which is one of the only rural hospitals left in this area.

"They've done a great job here of being able to maintain a strong bottom line despite all the pressures and despite all the challenges," Casey said.

Most rural hospitals have either been bought by bigger hospitals or closed.

"As much as people want to come to you, if you're not able to provide the care at a reasonable rate, they're not going to be able to come," Kendra Aucker said.

Aucker is the President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital. She spoke with Casey about her concerns. Aucker says each year, Evan writes off $10 million for uninsured patients.

"The thought of more of that coming is daunting," Aucker said.

Casey also discussed the health care discussions in Washington and how that might impact rural hospitals.

"Medicare and Medicaid are critical. Sometimes the only way a hospital can sustain itself is to make sure they have support from both programs," Casey said.

"I think any time you can make sure individuals have insurance, it's not a bad thing. Can there be improvements made? Sure," Aucker said.

People Newswatch 16 spoke with are grateful to have this rural hospital so close by.

"It's easy for me to get there quick. If I'd have to go somewhere else, it would be a lot farther and it would be a lot of stress on me," Stanley Snyder said.

"Well it's closer, and they do pretty good service for us," Carson Bingaman said.

Officials at Evangelical are focused on health care decisions in Washington because as a rural hospital, those decisions will impact them in a big way.


    • Mike

      He’s a moron that wants to take money from working people to give to to people that expect something for nothing. He comes out of his cave just to get reelected and he will be back in DC pushing the radical agenda of the Demorats.

    • get real

      I guess you must be one of the billionaires who didn’t get more tax write offs under the failed GOP bill.

      • Mike

        Some of us could afford health insurance before the ACA but are now uninsured due to huge rate increases. Obamacare is a failure on every level.


    I am sorry for what I have done. I have posted a lot of bad things and evil things on this talkback line and I now know that it was wrong. I am trying to change my ways and will work hard everyday to post things which are good. I know that I will be judge by every word I have written. No longer will the name Lloyd Schmucatelli be used for evil.

    • get real

      The guy is actually here working hard to find ways to save a rural hospital — things that actually make a difference in people’s lives. Why does that deserve your nasty comments?… Toomey won’t even show his face (unless its election time).

      • get real

        I know it is probably beyond your ability to actually look at data, but Obamacare is not a disaster. Under Bush, insurance rates were rising at unprecedented and alarming rates. Check any health care site (WNEP does not allow links). People have such short memories and Fox News loves to implant false ones. Obamacare helped considerably to stem that tide as well as allow for basic decency with respect to pre-existing conditions. Facts. Simply facts.

      • magicmikexxsm

        GET REAL, You must be the village idiot….you must be spoon fed DNC krap… so tell me pre obamataxcare for me and the wife I paid $202.00 a month, now with obamataxcare I pay for just me $869.00. guess that blows your theory out of the water.
        Face it Obamataxcare is dying under it’s own weight….. The feds should not have to supply a kick back for people to afford insurance….

      • MagicMel

        Magicmike – out of that money that you fork out for Obummacare, maybe you can see a speech therapist since you cannot put together a structured sentence . Btw, your monthly premiums are either highly exaggerated or your smoking habit is ;) nice try though

  • Eddie

    Sleepy Bobby comes out of hiding because there’s an election and Sleepy Bobby needs to sound engaged and tough. Give us all a break, sleepy Bobby.

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