Monroe County Man Charged with Sex Trafficking

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SAYLORSBURG — A man from Monroe County, who already faces child sex charges, is facing more prison time.

David Parker, 38, from Saylorsburg will spend at least 30 years behind bars as part of a plea agreement on child sex trafficking charges from 2010.

Parker is also accused of taking a boy to a home near Philadelphia where the child was sexually abused by men dressed up in animal costumes.


  • Are you for real?

    And yet there are people that threathen a store owner for not catering to same sex couples. What about these creeps?

  • Lance

    Alright what does it take to get all these perverts out of the area? Now we are seeing this practically every day. Enough. Bring back public punishments maybe this will shame these idiots into behaving

  • Blubber

    Furry sex? That Doodles character from Chic Fil Lay in the Frackville mall prolly got freaky during those birthday parties

  • Adamthomas

    Another NEPA pedo story. This Parker character is becoming a new norm in this odd new pa subculture. A sociologist needs to study this area asap! For the population size of NE and Central PA there is sure a lot of sick puppies!


      It’s because Central PA is a very sexually repressed/conservative area, too many people are so conservative and uptight about sex no matter who is doing it at whatever age.

    • Roo

      Kiddo, there is a website to know where they live. This of course is once they are listed as a sex offender. If you look at vestal, ny and the tri-city area….

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