Talkback Feedback: No One Off Limits

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  • firefighter

    I am a volunteer firefighter of 50 years and i take offense to your stations reporting of the rape case in Luzerne County.
    There is no reason whatsoever you had to report the young man involved is a volunteer firefighter. The crime was not
    committed on fire department property or while Mr. Ralson was fighting a fire or representing his department in any way shape or form. His affiliation with the fire service had absolutely no influence with his commission of this crime. I personally feel your method of reporting this story resulted in a black eye for thousands of volunteers who faithfully serve their communities. There is no need to sensationalize just report the news !


    I used to post a lot of mean things but now I have realized how wrong I was. I have changed because I know that I have been given the opportunity to be blessed in my life and it is not because of me. I was once arrogant but now have seen the light and understand the grace I have been given in my own life and how much I owe. I will try and change my posts. Instead of being critical, I will be positive and seek to bless others with the same grace that has been shown to me.

  • Newbie

    Talkback is cool. After recently moving here, Talkback confirms everything I’ve ever heard about the area.

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