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Water Back On, Problems Persist in Lackawanna County Mobile Home Park

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ARCHBALD -- Residents of a trailer park in Lackawanna County have their water back on but it's likely they will still need to find another place to live.

County officials were able to work out a deal to buy those residents more time.

A problem plaguing residents at Valley View Estates mobile home park in Archbald now has a temporary fix

Their water was shut off on Monday because the park's owner didn't pay the bill.

They now have 30 days to get out or find another solution.

People who live at Valley View Estates in Archbald have been waiting since Monday for a solution.

On Thursday, Lackawanna County commissioners showed up, along with the Office of Youth and Family Services, the Area Agency on Aging, and the Red Cross.

And fixing the immediate problem, Pennsylvania American Water came to turn the park's water back on -- all because Lackawanna County paid close to $4,000 of the park's outstanding water bill.

"We had to look at all the legal aspects -- a private company's bill -- but you all should not be subject to the irresponsibility of such actions of someone," said Lackawanna County Commissioner Laureen Cummings.

That someone is Eugene Egan, the owner of Valley View Estates. He's currently locked up in Berks County on drug charges.

The county commissioners explained that the payment they made gets the park 30 more days of water, extra time before the likelihood that the homes will be condemned.

"I see the kids, I see your faces, please, we're here to help you, we're not going to let you, we're not going to let this stand. We're going to do what we can to help you," Commissioner Cummings said.

County officials started immediately taking information from the 44 families who live in the park and promised to help them find somewhere else to live.

"This is a short solution to a long time problem is basically what this is," said resident George Blair. "They're turning the water on for 30 days. What in 30 days? What about us who own pets? They're trying to get us into housing. Housing doesn't allow pets."

"It's disturbing," said resident Ron James. "Disturbing, because nobody knows where to go and what they're going to do."

Lackawanna County commissioners paid the $4,000 toward the water bill out of its general fund. Commissioners said they believe the move will save the county money in the long run since, if the residents had been evicted immediately, they would likely be eligible to receive county social services.


  • pot smoker

    If they paid the landlord the rent maybe he could pay the parks bills , but the landlord was selling drugs ? He should be a millionaire with 44 families renting lots ANd buying drugs – one stop shopping . Should be $8800 gross just on lot rents ( at the least) This makes no sense as to the “dilemma ” Don’t pay rent – lose your home. DUH.

  • RicU.

    Thanks to a new more professional content in WNEPA-16 NEWS, we can look at a situation getting some legally required actions to protect fellow AMERICANS. Below I blasted the management who facilitated the non-payment of the water bill. But why was he able to do this? The COUNTY itself is supposed to provide protection to all, not just the well healed campaigners, EVERYONE, even “unto the least.*” Did they? Not until WNEPA-16 NEWS turn on the camera and the microphone.

    The problem existed for YEARS. I have heard County Council members run for office saying, “There is very little we can do.” So these residents, Americans, no less, can’t get the County to apply the legal power to protect them. These residents were less because of where they lived. They were less credibility in courts because they can’t pay $100 an hour lawyers or wear Armani suits to court. They are afraid to speak out as their presentation are not as lofty as some of us. Maybe some feel obligated to accept the official neglect as subsidies received might be eliminated. This is only a start.

    All this is illegal for those who receive subsidized food at school. But they have been slang term label as “T.T. ” or “RN” to further degrade them. We are all AMERICAN. We should not be leaving our own behind. Give ME the job and I can make this run right and profitably for the county and people their pride.

    *quoting my good friend Matt.

    • Fredric

      Mr. Bob,

      This is NE Pa. Everyone knows. Please explain yourself before the bunch of wannabe barracuda dissect you.

  • RicU.

    This is Real Estate/Property Management at work. It muscled its way in and began increasing its income with thought of only its aggrandizement. It works. Now those who had virtually nothing have less than nothing as these mobile homes are probably tainted by the water. Think of this as you pay your association or park or manager.

  • meh

    they should run a bulldozer through that sewer.. do us a favor and dont evict the cockroaches beforehand.

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