Final Day for 93rd St. Ann’s Novena in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Wednesday was the last day for worshipers to pay homage to St. Ann in Scranton.

The summer pilgrimage wrapped up after thousands had come during the nine-day event.

The faithful came to be blessed with oil and to pray at St. Ann's Basilica in Scranton.

It's the 93rd year for St. Ann's Novena.

Jack Walsh tells Newswatch 16 he has been attending the novena for more than 70 years.

"It's a blessing for the community, and you can see how much of the community comes here," said Walsh. "If you were here Sunday, you would not be able to stand here. You would be shoulder to shoulder with people standing all the way down the hill."

People come to the novena to pray for many different reasons, but Sharon Cawley came out to say thank you. Last year, the woman from Throop was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She suffered a heart attack during chemotherapy. She came to the novena last year to pray to St. Ann. Cawley says her latest tests show that her condition has improved.

"I had a lot of faith in her since I was a little girl," said Cawley. "I came with my parents and I knew I had to come here. I knew everything medically could be done and the next thing was to have the Lord intervene."

Kathy Bartkowski is thankful that the weather for the final day of the novena was cooler than it had been earlier on.

"I have never been here when it wasn't that hot. Once in a while some rain but it's always a hot day, but today it's beautiful."

The last mass starts at 7:30 p.m.


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    What a pathetic joke. Look at the Irish Catholic and Polish Catholic trash frantically trying to hit the reset button so they can pretend to be decent. Ha ha! Catholic trash.

  • Why?

    Why are they praying to Saint Ann? You’re suppose to be praying to God himself. God is the only one that can do anything for you. Anyone who has Jesus in their heart IS considered a Saint.

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