Father Running Bulldozer Backs over Child

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CRAWFORD TOWNSHIP — A 5-year-old boy is in the hospital after being run over by a bulldozer in Clinton County.

State police say it happened Saturday near Loganton.

According to troopers, the child’s father was operating the machine when he backed over the little boy.

The child was flown to the hospital and is in critical condition.



  • El Ma

    Omigosh, what a horrible thing. Positive thoughts and prayers going out to this family.

    For everyone who is castigating the father who was operating the machinery, the man is probably dying inside. Things happen and children often are in places where they shouldn’t be. It happens. When it does, it’s horrific and a conscientious parent can barely live with themselves. I don’t know a single person who didn’t make a mistake as a parent, at one time or another.

    For pity’s sake, please have some compassion for this family. It’s not as if he had his son sitting on his lap (HUGE no-no) and the bulldozer overturned. It was a terrible accident and I cannot imagine, in my wildest nightmares, what this father is experiencing.

  • matt

    MY GOD ! WHAT DO PEOPLE USE FOR BRAINS. saw a post how easy it is to run over a 5 year. WTH ! ONLY IF YOU’RE A MORON AND DON’T TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN THAT SOMETHINGS AREN’T TOYS. FATHER SHOULD BE ARRESTED. perhaps if we charge enough morons other morons would think twice before operating dangerous equipment around toddlers or leaving them in cars to cook ! accidents are incidents that can’t be prevented this was NEGLIGENCE !

  • Pepper

    Thoughts and prayers to the family, no matter who they are. Having had a five year old boy and girl before and having a five year old boy now, I know how easy it would be for them to accidently get hurt. Our five year old now has a hard time staying out of the way when told because he wants to either help with what your doing or watch the machinery up close.

  • Missy

    This is sad and there are so many nasty comments after the article but remember here are some facts #1. you are right most Amish do not use heavey equipment unless attached to a horse but when having a huge job they will because they do not usually hire anyone from the outside community and they have learned this when they leave the community and go out to the English world when they are younger. They get jobs and some get their drivers licence and try to live like the english young men so I am going to assume that is where the man might have learned to work a bulldozer & #2. In Amish families the children learn to work at a very early age they do not get to play all the time like the english children so that 5 yr old boy was problemly pick up rocks or what ever might be needed to do

  • Archie Beal

    Ready the gallows and hang this man high….the masses here spoke and rendered the decision it was not an accident

    • El Ma

      A blurb of 56 words is enough for all of these people to render a verdict without having been there. Incredible. Just incredible. Fifty six words does NOT make for an investigative report.

  • Jeff W

    The incident involved an Amish family and shame on you for passing judgement on this father that is devastated for what has happened. How would you feel if this was your child?

  • Archie Beal

    It’s called a freak accident but these idiots will jump to conclusions and hang the man for being a poor father

      • hey now

        The interesting point of the matter some Amish families don’t watch their kids so good just like non-Amish don’t. Stuff happens when we’re careless. Else there would be more accidents involving Amish children than other children.

  • not for everybody

    Seems as if our local bulldozer operators are having a tough time lately. Instead of letting any Joe Shmo jump on a bulldozer, maybe we need to do a testing course and license like a CDL.

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