Union County Man Goes Missing Off the Coast in North Carolina

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OUTER BANKS, N.C. -- The United States Coast Guard is now searching for a man from Union County who went missing off the coast of North Carolina Thursday.

Thaddeus Davis, an assistant coach at Lewisburg High School, disappeared today while swimming in the Outer Banks.

The photo -- courtesy of the Daily Item -- is Davis when he played football at Bucknell a few years prior.

Friends and former players of Davis held a vigil earlier tonight at Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium at Bucknell University.


  • Football Family

    To Common Sense . . . . How absolutely horrible to say those things! You should be ashamed. Mr. Davis is a very loved and respected coach. He has 4 children and a wonderful wife who are loved in this community. This has nothing to do with the school district, this is about Thaddeus. Show some respect.

  • concerned

    The body has been found as reported by area news agencies in the Carolinas. WNEP keep this up-to-date. OBX travel has exploded in the last decade and many people will be looking here for updates. Not to say the S-word too soon, but it certainly looks the part – ’tis the season.

  • A friend

    To Common Sense and Pot Smoker …. I wanted to call both of you idiots for the insensitive comments that you made, but calling you idiots may be too kind. This man is a very well respected, very well liked person in the community.

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