Drugs and Weapons Seized After Traffic Stop in Luzerne County

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HAZLETON -- Police in one Luzerne County community showed off the drugs and money seized after a traffic stop in Hazleton on Thursday.

Officers say five people were in the car that was stopped at Sixth and Seybert Streets. Marijuana, crack cocaine, and a stolen handgun were recovered, along with $19,000 in cash.

Three of the five people in the car faced charges after the traffic stop in Hazleton.


  • troutlover

    The invasion of ghetto scum continues unabated across ALL of the Wyoming Valley! Our children are in mortal danger EVERY day from these kinds of human feces!

  • ....

    This is who AL Sharpton and blm actually represent, these are the predators destroying and pimping the black community

  • El Ma

    I guess all of that cash displayed is incentive to deal illegal substances. How else does someone get to carry around 19K in cash? Keep posting photos of that lettuce. LOL!!!

    • El Ma

      Last comment on this page about this subject. People of color despise their “plight.” They blame “albinoids” on their stations in life. However, the first black man or woman that earns a degree, gets out of the ‘hood, and lives a positive, successful, and community-oriented life are labeled BY THEIR OWN as being………….yes, you guessed it, “too white.”

      I am open to an education, here. Why does the black culture glorify the “thug life” while blaming “non-melanin” people for being thugs and, in the same breath, condemn, loathe, and despise people of color who actually “Do Something” to raise themselves to their highest potential? And, I’m not talking about being selected in the NFL draft. I’m talking about actually doing something positive for the entirety of humanity. I’m open to education, here. Someone explain this inconsistency. Please.

  • White Trash

    Break out the champagne! Finally a break in the dozens and dozens of disgusting, heinous crimes featuring white faces! Of course the vile trolls have predictably started spewing their racist, ignorant bile. The sad (yet ironic) side is that your hatred does as much harm to yourself as to the community.

    • Kat

      You better look in the mirror before you start crying “racist.” Most of your comments, as well as your name, scream racism.

  • derrrrr

    This shows you how stupid “these” people are. If your going to transport bulk drugs, money, and a stolen handgun, try to do it on the low. One, maybe two people at the most in the car. Don’t make it look like a ghetto hoodrat party on wheels! Retards!

    • White Trash

      Interesting comment. Three African-Americans in a car is a “ghetto hoodrat party” in your world view. Doesn’t matter if they are veterans, fire-fighters or doctors. You might want to think about the reality of white privilege in this country and the difficulty people of color face daily in just trying to live their lives. Having said that there is indeed trash of all colors.

      • El Ma

        “White privilege?” What IS that, anyway? Is that associated with the ever-elusive male illuminati, “The Patriarchy?”

        If people of color are sick and tired of being labeled as violent, labeled as gang members, or labeled as anything else that often sticks, then they all need to get on the same page, begin making changes from within their own communities and culture, and demand better conduct from one an other. Same goes forth with all other demographics. When one man fathers seven children within the same year with seven different women, that’s not “white privilege.” That’s nasty and expensive for taxpayers.

        Which one of these three upstanding and underprivileged individuals was working on their business or engineering degree when they were arrested? Which one of these misunderstood and disadvantaged individuals was working on an alternative to a space shuttle when they were arrested?

        I’m not responsible for the choices of anyone else, so “white privilege” does not apply.


        Well, WT, we must be privileged to have an erudite Social Justice Warrior like yourself drop in to raise our consciousness. A gifted liberal arts major with $200K in student loan debt they can’t pay because no one hires hacks like you right. Now, off you go to watch Rachel Maddow for some more talking points

  • No stereotypes there

    ‘Three of the five people in the car’ – only in Hazleton do you see such diversity. Just the other day I saw a lone white guy in Hazleton driving his F-350 Super Duty diesel with no one else in the truck but him, and these poor people are trying to carpool and save the environment. Pretty selfish of the Ford guy if you ask me…

  • No stereotypes there

    These poor people tried to make an honest living for themselves but white privilege kept them from succeeding, so they resorted to the only way they could provide for their families. Times are tough, not enough jobs out there where they pay you but you don’t have to work…

  • pot smoker

    It’s not racist till you divulge the race ( my guess says they are black ) , Hey about time ! Kudos for action against the problem destroying the area !

    • El Ma

      I find it so trite to attribute statistical facts to “racism.” Everything is “racist,” today, particularly if it points out the obvious: DO SOMETHING to change your culture and community! Stop glorifying the “Thug Life!” Start demanding excellence from one another! Start implementing a moral compass!

      Things were not, not, not like this 40 years ago. They weren’t. Was there prejudice? Of course, there was. There will always BE prejudice and that cannot ever be made to disappear. Go to Saudi Arabia and see how they act-out “racism” over there. They do it with indiscriminate violence and economic exclusion. Go to Turkey and see just how quickly someone is shut down if they aren’t a certain sect of Islam.

      This whole business has gone full-circle. Pity, because there are so many people that could have been something different.

      • El Ma

        There was a fabulous movie by Tyler Perry titled, “Madea’s Family Reunion.” In this movie, a number of issues were directly addressed, including labels and choices. The great actress, Cicely Tyson, presented a plea to all of the family members in this production, and it was 100% on-the-spot-spontaneous. It was one of the most moving and critical orations I’ve ever heard of, and I cannot post a link to this incredible speech on this forum.

        The gist of this plea? Stand up. Be accountable. Find your dignity. Stop making excuses. Make changes. Be the best that you can possibly be for positive progress. Tyson’s words could apply to anyone of any color, race, creed, or national origin.

        Time for changes instead of whining and wishful thinking. Time for positive direction instead of groping for someone to blame. I am not responsible for the past. I don’t experience “white guilt,” OR “white privilege.” Look around. Look at data. Look at facts.

      • the trouble is

        The trouble is for every Cicily Tyson, Tyler Perry, Ben Carson, Will Smith, Colin Powell, and Herman Cain out there trying to make a difference, there’s a never ending supply of others that seem to be just fine with living the thug life and making a quick buck. Why go to school and incur debt only to have to work for 40 – 60 hours a week to make $1000, when you can live the glamorous thug life portrayed in their music and make much more?

      • El Ma

        TheTroubleIs, then if it’s easy cash and “glamour” that people want, there’s a price to pay for it all. Dignity. They can trade in their dignity for it all, and it’s THEIR burden to bear, not mine. So, they can weep, scream, whine, and complain all day long and blow that “white privilege” nonsense straight out of their…………………….

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