Man Who Fired Gun into Air and Fled from Police Sentenced to Prison

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STROUDSBURG — A man charged with firing a gun and fleeing from police in Monroe County is going to prison.

Javon Bell was sentenced to 40 to 80 months in state prison.

Police say he fired a gun into the air near people at Seventh and Main Streets in Stroudsburg last August after getting into a fight with another man. People on the street were forced to run and dive for cover.

Bell then got into a car and took off. When police tried to pull him over, he refused to stop. Police finally stopped him on Route 611 near Bartonsville.


  • Robert

    Depending on the circumstances, the details of which seem to be lacking in this article. The only thing I know I would have done differently is STOP when the police wanted me to pull over. Other than that, what are the charges?

    • Llllllloyd Schmucatelli :)

      Thanks. All I want to do is to be able to get through to one person. Then I’ve done my job.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      It’s funny you say that. Dig into history a bit and you’ll see it’s no different.

      Thomas Jefferson said they weren’t the same as other people. He was a liberal in his time.

      Abraham Lincoln didn’t have the issue with slavery as we were led to believe. His issue was what to do with them once they were free.

      This coming from some of the most admired men in American history. Founding fathers. Pioneers. Men that kids in schools are still taught about.

      Were they wrong then? Are they wrong now?

      There’s more to this historical story….

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