PA State Colleges Announce Tuition Hikes Statewide

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HARRISBURG -- After a vote on Thursday, students will now need to shell out more if they want to attend one of Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned colleges and universities.

The board overseeing the schools -- the Pennsylvania State System of Education (or "PASSHE") -- voted Thursday to raise tuition across the board.

The increase is 3.5% per semester.

That hike goes into effect for the 2017-2018 school year. Three of the 14 schools, Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Lock Haven, are in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

The state school system is dealing with an estimated $71 million budget deficit.

The tuition hike means most full-time students who hail from Pennsylvania will pay $127 more per semester.

For a link to the PASSHE website, click here.


  • Just plain wrong

    They say students from pa hail a $127 hike. What about out of staters? What is their tuition hike? For me it’s hard to believe that they have to raise tuition at all. It’s all about the money and that’s it. Look at school taxes. They tax you on how much your house is worth which means your house could be worth more than your neighbor and therefore you pay more tax than them. Tell me how any of it is right? It all boils down to money, money, money! Like the Bible says, the love of money is the root of ALL evil!!!

    • Bob135

      Why stay in College? Why go to night school?

      Attend the Schmucatelli University. It’s free and it’s online.

  • Amy

    That is just down right wrong! If anything they should be lowering prices NOT hiking them. The government’s already sucking us dry with Taxes now the school’s want their cut.

  • PAstuckin1985

    Lets keep the declining Cheney and Mansfield per some consultant who went to Ped State and hike tuition.

  • The Whites Crossing Wonder

    nothing to do with a deficit so don’t mask it as such. Colleges and universities have been sticking it to families and students for many years.

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