Junior Golfers Sharpen Their Skills

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BENTON TOWNSHIP — There were more than 80 kids at the Mill Race Golf and Camping Resort near Benton on Thursday.

They came here to sharpen their golf skills at the Drive, Chip and Putt Competition.

“It’s just really fun to drive the ball as far as you can,” Brandon Vasilakos said.

“I really want to play on the high school golf team when I get to high school so I want to continue golfing,” Arjun Patel said.

The PGA sponsors the competition along with the United States Golf Association and the Masters golf tournament. There are competitions like this all over the country. The top scorers will compete next year at the in the Junior Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

“I got a really good putting score but I mean I’ve just got to keep it going so it was fun,” Patel said.

The kids are between seven and 15 years old and they come from all over the east coast, but a lot of them are from northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

“We saw the ad online for the Drive, Chip and Putt Contest. My son always goes golfing with me so I figured I’d bring him down here today and we’d have fun,” Jim Vasilakos said.

The competition was free. It was not only meant to increase interest in golf. It was to show the kids that if they work hard enough, The Masters and that coveted green jacket, are in reach.

“It’s good to have that many kids come here and see our facility but also to get involved in something that’s really exciting and fun for them to do,” Gary Sohosky said.

Forty girls and 40 boys from across the country make will it to the Junior Masters in Georgia. That tournament is set for April, the Sunday before the Masters.