Cleaning Up In Central PA After Getting Walloped By Summer Storm

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WEST BEAVER TOWNSHIP -- Parts of central Pennsylvania were particularly hard hit with the summer storms that blew through northeastern and central Pennsylvania this evening.

In Snyder County, people are cleaning up after heavy downpours and strong winds took down trees.

All along Ridge Road near Beaver Springs, the buzz of chainsaws filled the air.

This was clean up time for many living here who say a burst of rough weather broke out during the passing storms, bringing downpours and heavy winds.

“I was on my way home and the wind was really blowing, it was really raining,” said Tanner Brouse. “You had to have your four ways on, it was pretty bad.”

“It was in about a 15-minute period we got a good amount of rain and then the winds started,” said Mike Fultz.

Downed or damaged trees were found all over after the rain calmed down which meant a lot of cutting and clearing for residents as well as PennDOT crews as many of those trees were blocking Ridge Road.

“I come outside, then I started looking around, then I heard chainsaws running, down here and up here,” said Erman Lepley. “And I thought, well I`ll go out and check what`s going on, and the roads were blocked.”

At the Brouse's home, there was already a truckload of sawed off tree limbs and still, there was more work to do, clearing out their damage tree.

“It's enough that going to keep up busy for a while, so yeah,” said Tanner Brouse.

“Split it,” said Harold Brouse of the tree damage. “I don't know if lightning hit it or if it's just wind damaged, my daughter was home at the time, she said it was really nasty, it sounded like a freight train going through.”

“We had a tree fall down right across the road here that I cut and drug over here,” said Fultz. “And then probably about half mile down the road, we had one falling across the lines and I called the fire company to come cut it off the road.”

Remains of the tree littered the ground; the power line above remained sagging from the weight of it.

Still, no major power outages were reported from the storm.

“Flashed on and off for about maybe a second and then it was right back on,” said Fultz.

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