Transgender Inmate Sues Lackawanna County Prison

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SCRANTON -- A transgender woman behind bars in Lackawanna County has filed a lawsuit against the prison and its medical staff, and a judge has ruled that the prison must provide and pay for medication that aids in her transition from male to female.

The inmate says she was denied hormone therapy medication when she became an inmate late last year because of a parole violation.

She received them while in the state prison system last year for theft charges and still carries a prescription for the meds.

Her attorney says that's why the judge sided with them.

The inmate was born Steven Fritz but now goes by the name Sparkles Wilson.

She has filed a lawsuit against the Lackawanna County Prison where she's been since late last year.

Wilson says the prison's contracted doctor would not give her hormone therapy meds she has a prescription for.

Last week, a federal judge sided with Sparkles denying the doctor's motion requesting more time and ordering the prison to start giving her the drugs immediately, with the county footing the bill.

Sparkles' attorney Curt Parkins says her transition has started to reverse after being off the meds for months.

"When Sparkles went in to the prison, she had already been prescribed the meds by other doctors. There's a big difference between abruptly stopping someone's medication and refusing to begin to treat them. So, this case, in our opinion, is extra egregious," said Parkins.

Parkins says getting the hormone therapy medication was the first step. After a hearing on the issue next week, their lawsuit against the prison will continue.

Sparkles is currently housed with male inmates. She wants to be moved to the female prison block.

The lawsuit could set precedent for future transgender inmates in Lackawanna County.

"The courts across the country have been consistently holding that gender dysphoria is a serious medical need, so it is a violation of someone's constitutional rights to fail to treat that," said Parkins.

The prison's contracted doctor -- Dr. Edward Zaloga -- and his attorneys denied our request for comment. They will have a chance to argue their case in front of the judge next week.


  • El Ma

    It never ceases to amaze me on this forum that certain posts are in limbo “awaiting moderation.” Why is that? I didn’t use profanities or……..”hate speech”……..and, yet, my view needs to be moderated? This insanity DOES need to come to an end. I’m not suing anyone over any heterosexual medical issues, am I?

    If someone is in prison, things like hormone replacement for gender reassignment (can you even believe we’re using this terminology in civilized conversation?!) are a PERSONAL CHOICE, not a MEDICAL NECESSITY. After all is said and done, this individual isn’t going to be any more content after the final step is taken. SO, why are taxpayers liable for this person’s dysphoria? Schizophrenia? Yeah, I’m behind keeping that medication going. Diabetes? Yes to that, too. Hormone therapy for this man? Nope, nope, nope, nope.

    So, moderator? Instead of flagging comment that someone disagrees with, why not take a moment to read the content and make a wise decision.

  • DrB

    Unfortunately I Have been in the lackawanna county prison system. When i was admited I had my own insurance and was on a daily regiment of perscriptions that were prescribed to me by my doctor. When I went in there they stopped giving me everything. Which made me go into very bad withdraw symptoms that lasted over 30 days. When i told that doctor in there he told me to suck it up and go back to my cell. I did that and did my time and got back on them when i got out. This dude isnt going through any withdraw and hes getting special attention for something he can handle when he gets out. Its a shame that people have to go sick in there everyday because they dont have there meds, but just because lgbt is a big issuse these days in the media steve is going to get special attention. While there is people in there going thru much worse right now as we speak and they arent getting any attention.

  • Concerned Taxpayer

    So if I desperately need medical care I can just commit a crime, go to jail and get treatment?. I suppose if God forbid I get cancer or something I’ll just stick up the 7-11 with the last of my strength, as I’m currently uninsured! After all, we’re paying for his elective cosmetic injections. At the very most he should be allowed to pay for it out of his commissary fund, but I personally would not even allow that. I bet all the other inmates just love him to death. I hope he’s in an SHU for his sake.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Maybe WNEP shouldn’t be so discriminatory in their reporting?? If he/she is really now she/he, then transgender he/sheit is no longer a he/she/it/thing.

    Sparkles, glitter, angel dust, my little pony, whatever.

    So actually, the whole news story is irrelevant!

    An inmate sued a prison. Happens all time!

    No longer a valid story!

  • DJB

    Since the moderator is apparently asleep at WNEP today, here is some information for you to Google to get to an article published by the president of the American College of Pediatrician, Dr. Michelle Cretella. I provided a link in my post last night so maybe it was rejected because of an inserted web link. In short, Dr. Cretella argues that we are creating a form of institutional child abuse by promoting this transgender agenda aggressively within our culture and our institutions—including elementary and secondary schools when children are most impressionable. She writes that we are making the problem far worse and screwing up the lives of kids who would otherwise outgrow the uncertainty they are experiencing. She also cites two blind studies that have concluded that this is not a “born with” condition. Fascinating read—-Google the following: “Michelle Cretella transgender child abuse”. On a more editorial note—I sure hope that WNEP isn’t surpressing my earlier post because it provides a view counter to the liiberal dogma. It wouldn’t shock me, though.

    • Sam I Am

      WNEP’s answer to me on deleted comments.
      And according to WNEP’s policy, anyone, including the person that the story may be about, can flag a comment and it will be removed.

      While we can remove comments, we don’t do so very often.

      The comments are actually self-moderated by users ( or whoever the story is about) such as yourself. If someone sees a comment they don’t like or are offended by, they can “flag” that comment and it will automatically be removed.

      That seems to have been what happened here – the comments were “flagged” and were automatically removed.

      • DJB

        Sam I’ve talked to them as well in the past to understand their policy but this is what I see on my side:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        The link is immediately below the moderation comment and my post is below that. I’m thinking that their Word Press software automatically flags URLs for moderation and whoever is responsible for that job is either taking a day off or can’t stand the fact that a reader actually added some credible science to the discussion.
        As for the two goofballs that “disliked” my comment—what was it you didn’t like? Was it the scientific studies or a board certified physician writing an article about a topic that they know much about?? Or is it because it doesn’t align with your own bias? Hilarious.

    • Bran

      The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is an Anti-LGBT advocacy group and has also been classified a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In 2002 they broke away from the actually respected and 60,000 member strong American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) which consists of leaders in the professional field of pediatrics.

      ACPeds consistently spreads falsehoods about the LGBT population and are also support conversion therapy which is proven to cause physical and mental harm and is slowly being outlawed in the US.

      If you actually care about children, research the groups you champion and don’t support a group which actively promotes the hate and abuse of children and adults.

      • JIMINY

        Do some research the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are as corrupt and left leaning as much as you say the ACPeds is a hate group. Basically, anyone that counters the SPLC (funded by lefties) is a hate group.

    • El Ma

      DJB, you’ve made an excellent point and my personal feeling is that nobody should be pushing a child in any direction except that of education (private, please), morals, and ethics. These fundamentals for a productive and compassionate human being have fallen by the wayside. Nobody is guiding, leading, or giving example to any of these kids, anymore. They’re all too busy texting people that aren’t there, checking their YouBook status and setting up videos to be posted to FaceTube. In between, they’re scrolling for more extreme porn on their smart phones while their kids are begging for attention and answers to Life’s questions.

      Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness. A child or adolescent thinking that they’re something other than what they are is “normal.” But, a parent that gives their son money for video games and MLP toys needs to step back, take a look at what their offspring is doing, and get involved in the practice of being a parent.

  • Sam I Am

    The taxpayers will for for it all, you will see

    He cannot be a she until he is fully transformed into a she, and that will never be, because he was born a he as his birth certificate will prove that to

  • Sam I Am

    He cannot be a she until he is fully transformed into a she, and that will never be, because he was born a he as his birth certificate will prove that to be.
    But hey while I’m in here, let the taxpayers pay For it all, you just see.

    • DJB

      So let’s say I need a major operation but have no insurance and no means to pay. Does this mean I can commit a crime that will get me time in the country lock-up and have the taxpayers of Lackawanna County pay for it? If so, I’d say this case sets a very dangerous precedent if taxpayers are paying for all healthcare like this—whether elective treatment or needed treatment.

  • Really?

    You say his rights are infringed upon? OK then, what about freedom of religion? Dunmore’s coach got in trouble for praying with his team before a game cuz the other team got offered by it. Freedom of religion IS in the constitution but yet no one is allowed to even mention the name of Jesus with out these ” freedom from religion” groups having a hissy fit. Yet the lgbtq community can say and do whatever they want? Where is that in our constitution? There is something really wrong in this world !!!!!

  • AngryConservative

    Archie… supports made up delusions… against constitutional rights. typical Liberal Comie

    • DJB

      Wrong. I’ve checked the county database at property assessor’s office. Not a Lackawanna County taxpayer.

  • think positive

    You said it! A world of starving and diseased kids,…yet this is where we’re expected to direct our empathy today.
    I wonder if Sparkles has ever given ONE thought to the REAL victims in life. If he had, he would probably just serve his time and think about what he did wrong to wind him in jail in the first place.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    See now how it works? It’s called the partitioning of information.

    Kudos to you for being awake though.

    I would imagine the case file would be on record somewhere.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The next civil war won’t be between the north and the south.

    We are overpopulated with idiots.

    • Truth Hurts

      Its will be right vs left… right vs wrong… Sane vs insane… Conservative/Normal/middle road vs liberal nut house

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      See, I wouldn’t mind beer and some weed, but I want to be sober when the SHTF! I want to be able to enjoy it, revil in it. Remember it.

  • sc

    lloyd…make sure you dont watch the burn from NYC…any soft drink over 16. oz is strictly prohibited!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      And sir, you further prove my point of the ever increasing dizzying heights of insanity.

  • Lance

    What about taxpayers that have to foot the bill. This POS is in jail for breaking the law. Isn’t feeding sheltering and basic medical care enough? The judge feels bad then he can pay for it!

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