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Community Holds Meeting Discussing Brightening Up Little League Fields

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GLENBURN TOWNSHIP -- There was a packed house Monday night for a meeting over a proposal to install lights at a Little League baseball field in Lackawanna County.

The Abington Little League presented its plan to put up lights at its home field, Ackerly Field.

Some neighbors are against the idea fearing the lights will bring more traffic and more problems to the community.

Most parents support the plan.

"It'd be huge for the league. We had close to 700 players in the Abington Little League this year. That's a lot of scheduling. There's four fields there that are appropriate for most of these kids and then the Teener League field. With that volume of kids, if you have games that you need to make up because of inclement weather, you know, you may have to start the season late. Everything has to stay on track schedule wise. It'd be huge for these kids,"  said Mary Kay Lenahan.

Officials planned to continue the meeting until a decision was made, but after five hours there was still no decision.

An arbitrator is being brought in for another meeting in about a month. A date for that meeting has not yet been set.


  • Non Issue

    Not sure what the details of the case are, but I don’t think the lights would be on all night long. Tell the league to turn lights off by 9:30pm, and move on. Sounds like a few neighbors who don’t like kids. I do understand the property is an old industrial area. Maybe they should put in a recycling center and light that up! Let the kids play under the lights. Better than playing Xbox at night!

  • Allforthekids

    Well the area is zoned for manufacturing, so maybe they should turn the one field that needs lights into a slaughterhouse and see how the neighbors like that. Sad how a select few spread malicious lies and Mis information about the lights when they have no scientific evidence, unlike the league who did their homework.

  • Nintendo

    Kids only play baseball via computer games. Shine some light on how nerdy the youths are nowadays.

    • Barrios

      Social media, PlayStation, bath salts and commenting on online forums such as Wnep killed the D1 football prospect rate in NEPA. Some high schools in rural Louisiana and Alabama have more D1 prospects now than the entire NEPA region.


    We had lights at the field in Frackville for the last 25 years but We hardly used them. I walk past there every night. Kind of a waste of money when the fences on the fields weren’t replaced since 1952. Beating feet around town u learn a lot.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Can’t blame these people for being against the lights, the only peace they get is when the games are over….but you notice how the people who don’t have to live there are all for it…lol

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