Tricked-Out Trucks Rollin’ Into Town for Four Wheel Jamboree in Columbia County

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BLOOMSBURG -- This weekend the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds will be packed with hundreds of tricked out trucks -- all because the 30th annual A&A Auto Stores Four Wheel Jamboree is rolling into town!

The annual event kicked off Friday with its usual muddy mayhem -- welcoming thousands to the 30th annual event into Bloomsburg.

If it looks like some drivers found themselves in a bit of a rut, don't fret -- it's called mud bogging.

"Make it through the mud...and if you make it you make it and if you don't oh well try again," said Jared Trelinski of Paxinos. "I've come here for years and years, and I've watched my dad do this and now it's my turn I guess."

Trelinski drove his suped up 1981 Chevrolet pickup truck through the mud -- but there's plenty more form him to do here at the Fairgrounds.

"The four wheel jamboree is basically, we like to dub it the state fair for gear heads," said Emily Boden, the marketing manager for the Jamboree.

People aren't just here to check out the trucks -- they are also here to check out the deals, and perhaps even buying something for their own vehicles.

"Motors, tires, aftermarket parts, lights, all those really feeds into what they are into...what they like to do," explained Boden.

"We already got four tires a couple years ago four tires for my husband," said Deborah Eisenhower of Drums.

Eisenhower and her husband traveled from Drums just to check out the festivities -- and now she plans to come back again this weekend with her grandchildren.

"We've been here since our kids were teenagers and now they are in their twenties," she said.

Jared Trelinsi will also have another chance in the pit this weekend. His advice to other drivers who might want to give it a run?

"You just go fast and hold on and try to go straight," he laughed.

The 30th Annual Jamboree runs until Sunday. Tickets are $20 for adults at the gate in Bloomsburg.



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