Two State Constables Charged with Perjury

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MONROE COUNTY — Two Pennsylvania state constables are facing charges in the Poconos.

Roger Metzgar of Tobyhanna Township and Manuel Rodriguez of Delaware Water Gap were caught by police allegedly having vehicles with tinted windows and emergency lights.

Under Pennsylvania law, constables are not authorized to have either feature because vehicles owned by constables are not considered government vehicles.

According to the Monroe County District Attorney’s office, Rodriguez claimed he was authorized to have lights because he is a member of a search a rescue team known as Defiance Search and Rescue.

That rescue team was created by Metzgar.

Detectives with the Monroe County District Attorney’s office found that the search and rescue team was not legitimate.

The detectives were able to prove that statements made by Metzgar and Rodriguez during hearings related to those traffic tickets were untrue.

They were both later charged with perjury.

The two men were arraigned and released Wednesday on $25,000 bail.


  • Stephen Ames Sr.

    Constables are Clowns running around in old retired police cars, dressing like Police and making azzes out of themselves and the Law. Show me a constable and I’ll show you somebody that has self importance exceeding their intelligence. Constables , the position, should be done away with or at the least, these Clowns should be kept on a very short leash.

  • Dorthy

    Constables are a big problem in the Poconos. I was pulled over by a what I thought was the police in my neighborhood. Turns out it was a constable in an unmarked car with lights on his dash. I should have called the police on him. I’m so glad my husband was home. I think he was some kind of pervert.

    • RJELQ

      the dare program in the skook was wasted time unfortunately. Maybe they should of spent more money on fixing the potholes.

  • Blue Jealous of Gray.

    Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton or her staff arrested when she visited Scranton in her campaign?
    Her vehicle, which she was traveling in Scranton with, had New York plates and it had red and blue lights facing out the front.
    New York doesn’t even allow red and blue out the front for anybody.

    • TOMTOM

      Can you be more of an idiot with that comment? Mom’s welfare check late? Jesus…you are stupid.

  • Common Sense

    Hmmmm…maybe the Detectives need to come up to Susquehanna County. The volunteer firefighters (and others) have Blacked-out windows and light-bars across their roofs, VERY common up here. They have NO problem simply parking across a road and stopping all traffic… for no known reason and they refuse to say why …. Hmmmm….. Then the threats start, “You wanna go to jail?”… Just Sayin..:)
    I work on a Township and have had to deal with this. They are NOT Police.

  • barrios

    What a State. Police crooked, judges crooked, school administrators crooked and we got more government entities than any state in the union. Great set up!

    • Blue Jealous of Gray.

      What about those PA Dept of Treasury(Revenue?) guys that have badges and check the fuel tanks of commercial trucks? Wonder if they can have emergency lights. What about the glorified dog catchers? Can they have emergency lights too?

      Maybe this DA office should go after Commonwealth Health for having emergency lights, as their ambulances are not government owned.

  • Blue Jealous of Gray.

    Why shouldn’t they have emergency lights?
    “Under Pennsylvania law, constables are not authorized to have either feature because vehicles owned by constables are not considered government vehicles.”
    Hmm, that’s funny because privately owned fire chief, assistant fire chief, and fire police vehicles can use emergency lights. And I am not talking mere authorized courtesy lights.

    How many fire departments are actually governments? Are rail police all government?

    Constables are established in Common Law dating back before the USA even existed, when we were still part of the English/British Crown. Police are an 1800s invention.

    • Common Sense

      Yes Sir, two VERY shady Volunteer Fire Companies up here. Thompson Hose Company And Harford Volunteer.
      THC is building a New “Bingo Hall” and is taking reservations for Banquets and Catering.
      Harford had all their Brand NEW “equipment” (trailer full of 4 ATVs) “stolen” as it was all loaded up and parked in the driveway.
      …..and blacked-out windows and Blocked-off roads with NO call or Firetruck or Ambulance????
      Do we have a “Volunteer Government”?

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