Judge Grants Work Release to Two Former Penn State Officials

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HARRISBURG -- Two Penn State administrators are allowed to work while they're locked up - but there's no new trial for a third.

A judge granted work release to Tim Curley and Gary Schultz as long as the jobs they have, meet the requirements.

Curley and Schultz are both serving time after being found guilty of knowing about Jerry Sandusky's sex abuse, but not going to the police.

The same judge denied Graham Spanier's request for a new trial.

He's serving a minimum of four months for the same charges.


  • Barbara

    I would like to say to the one comment that people are laughing at them for going to Penn State and they took it off of their resume. That is pretty drastic measure there I would say, I don’t know why any employer or anyone with any kind of brain or common sense would condemn a graduate from there. This serious problem with these men and Sandusky does not reflect on the great quality of education that a person gets there. There is no reason for the public or anyone else to condemn someone that put in all of that time and money to get that education either.They would be the ones with the issues and a very narrow mind, I question their education and IQ. I personally did not go there but my niece did and many would love the opportunity to have the career she has though Penn State isn’t the only school she attended she went even further and got her doctorate and is working as a Forensic Psychologist in the Houston area.

  • Lance

    Judges watching porn, pedophiles galore ,rapists … who says you can’t have a life in Pennsylvania?


    Look the other way the PA way! As long as the football team plays and makes money.. The brainwashed will be happy.

  • barrios

    You got to love this state. How can you seriously cheer for Penn State. Where I live people laughed that I went there. So i took it off my resume.

    • captain obvious

      You’re getting Penn State confused with the State Pen. I wouldn’t want people to know I was in the big house either. Penn State on the other hand is a premier engineering college that has placed thousands of smart people in successful careers, shame your’re not one of them.

      • Gino

        Captain, sounds like you really enjoyed football camp at PSU during your youth. Jerry’s tummy stix you fav?

      • captain obvious

        Glad to hear you think you have a great career, attitude goes a long way. How does one get started cleaning out the bathroom stalls at the roadside rests anyhow?

      • captain obvious

        Once again please Gino, this time in English? I know it’s not your first language – so once you’re done stocking shelves at Wal-Mart ask your manager to proof-read your post before you send it.

      • BillR

        So Captain obvious what I am gathering from you, In PA or in the world you are only a successful person if you attended penn state or if you are an Engineer. That is a close minded train of thought. That odd way of PA of thought is what got kids victimized for years and helped fund a fraudulent program, for the joy of 18-23 year olds playing football and school pride. I personally know a PSU grad who is an engineer who is 37 and lives at home with his mommy. So I guess thats successful.

    • mass bro

      I feel you fam – had to take MIT off my resume ’cause i didn’t want no homies thinking I was above them. Keepin’ it real in the hood yo…

  • BluEmu

    Wat? They get to “work” while they’re serving their sentences? Work where? Walmart? HOW can either of these animals have a job of any necessity after their display of depraved indifference?

    Holy cow………just……..wow……..

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