Parents Share Daughter’s Poem About Heroin Addiction in Her Obituary

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SELINSGROVE -- A Snyder County obituary is going viral because of its honesty about heroin addiction.

Delaney Farrell's family included a poem she wrote in the obituary, hoping to prevent others from overdosing.

The recent increase in heroin overdoses in Lycoming County sent more than 50 people to the hospital and claimed the lives of three.

One of those people was Delaney Farrell of Selinsgrove.

"She told me the night before she died that she knew all those kids overdosed. She called me and said did you see it on the news," Brian Farrell said.

Delaney, 23, was introduced to heroin about five years ago at a party. Her parents Brian and Bridget say she did not know what it was.

"They don't say here's heroin, they say try sniffing some of this dust. They sniff it a few times and the second or third time they do it they want more," Brian said.

The Farrell family lives in Selinsgrove. Delaney was staying at a halfway house in Williamsport.

Her parents say she was doing better, but she died inside a bathroom at the Red Roof Inn Saturday near Williamsport.

Bridget had to write her daughter's obituary. She decided to include a poem Delaney wrote about her struggles with addiction.

"That's what she was going through and that's what was going through her mind and that was her life at the time," Bridget Farrell said.

The family says the public's response from the obituary has been overwhelming. Most people are supportive, but some are judgmental. The family is happy they did it.

"If it could help even just one person it would be worth it. What do you think she would have said? She definitely would have wanted me to do it," Bridget said.

Brian and Bridget tell Newswatch 16 it already is helping people. This is one of the hundreds of messages they've gotten.

"I'm heeding the message and checking myself into the hospital today. Thanks. Christine from Chicago," Brian said.

The Farrell family says while Delaney lost her battle with heroin, in the end, their hope is her words will help save others fighting addiction. We have included a link to the obituary here.


  • Shannon Reedy

    I have been reading all the comments and just would like to know what you all would say about me! I was addicted to drugs most of my life starting at 12 I could give the reasons but they really don’t matter! What matters is I have been sober from all for about 8 months! Now do you still think of me as a junkie or not! Because at the end of each day I will always just be a recovering addict for the rest of my life! Iam no better or worse than anyone! This young girl lost her life before she could get to where I am at as so many do! It’s a tragic epidemic that surrounds all of us in one way or another! Try showing compassion! And please remember that only God can judge therefore he will be judging you when your time comes for all the judgements you have made on other’s!

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Typical junkie delusional bulls*it. Wow you covered all the bases. You said “I’m no better or worse than anyone”, “it can happen to anyone”. “Only god can judge”. Ha ha ha! Is a junkies only response to try and drag everyone down to your level? Why would you think everyone is weak like you? Ha ha ha! So based on your pathetic comments I’m guessing you’re a former party girl, drug whore. So how about it?

      • Shannon Reedy

        So I am the typical junkie haha now that’s funny! And if I am still a junkie then why am I not doing drugs! I have always had my own home that is paid for! Bills paid!!!! I have a degree in drug counseling and work at a rehab center helping others! Never was a party girl or dope whore! Have a job always have! Some can do that! Sadly others can’t so even when I was using I supplied showers, food, shelter for those in need! I even donated my time at the local humane society and Foster animals! I am sure in my life I have done more for my community than you ever will!

  • Shannon Reedy

    This is something that is affecting not just the United States but the world! There needs to be more help out there for those that want it, NO judgements made cause we have all done stuff and will until the day we died! I stopped using five years ago and it took another four for me to stop using meth! But since then and even during I have helped many of my friends stop using heroin and if there’s one thing I have learn you can do anything you put your mind to! It’s time all stepped up and try to help: ideas, support, anything that can get this to stop! My condolences to the family and friends! I know the pain of losing a child. I lost both of my son’s. It’s a hard long road but what your doing keeping her memory and words alive trying to help others is amazing! You have got to be angels sent by God!

  • Gregg Heilman

    I love it when I hear people talk about the crime in Allentown “THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE”. PS! What happened to this lovely young lady has happened and is HAPPENING EVERY DAY TO SOME OTHER YOUNG LADIES AND YOUNG MEN IN AMERICA and all children of someone. This terrible disease and addiction doesn’t RESPECT ANYONES RELIGION, ETHNIC HERITAGE, POSITION IN SOCIETY OR HOW MANY BUCKS YOUR FAMILY HAS IN THE STOCK MARKET OR BANK. I went into our local Prison for 14 years, we have doctors, pastors’ sons, Pastors, rich, poor, black, brown, yellow and white addicts. DON’T EVER THINK YOU OR YOUR FAMILY, CHURCH, COMMUNITY ARE BEYOND THE REACH OF ADDICTION. It destroys not only the addict but those who love the addict who is often their own son or daughter. Unless you have experienced anything connected to addiction you have NOTHING TO ADD or NOTHING TO JUDGE until you go down that path. More and more it is not a question of IF we will go down that path of addiction within a family IT IS WHEN OR HOW SOON WILL WE BE DEALING WITH THIS IN OUR FAMILY.

    • Shannon Reedy

      What you said is so true! It could happen to anyone at anytime no matter their religion, race, ect! It will effect at least one person close to you if it hasn’t already! No insults or judgements should have been made! I may not know you but it seems to me that you are a good person!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    One more thing, then I’m done.

    There’s recreational drug use and then there’s addiction.

    This girl chose to cross that well defined line into the abyss.

  • Jim

    Ive seen a lot of friends leave this world from this horrible drug some were father’s leaving 2 little girls some where star athletes destroying potential scholarships and some where warm hearted caring people I’ve seen the downfall of many I’ve watched myself go down the very path I’ve sworn to never trek it upsets me to watch all these you’ve lived be lost

  • Heartbreaking

    Actually in Revolution 21:8 God actually tells us the fearful,unbelieving,abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcers , idolaters, and ALL liars will have their part in that lake which burns with fire and brimstone:which is the second death. So to say God doesn’t want junkies and such is not true. Read the book of Revolution. You will get some education on what God does and doesn’t want.

      • Heartbreaking

        Revolution is 22 chapters long and I have read the WHOLE bible. That is our “handbook” on how to live. And I believe every word in it.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        If you don’t know the difference between Revelation and Revolution, then I say you haven’t read a word of it and if you have you didn’t understand it.

      • Heartbreaking

        It was suppose to be Revelation. Typing error. And I do understand what it means do you? I’m not perfect but I do live by HIs rules. I don’t drink or do drugs, I do pray and try do help others as much as possible. In fact I could do more. We’ve all sinned and come short of the glory of God..

  • ayceshendoshrimp

    I can’t wait for friday night football games. I’ll be at game in schuylkill county every week and then will have a few beers with my old football buddies afterward while watching the wnep super 16 show. Jim coles stinks as a high school football analyst but at least he sounds like he has some knowledge. Kids just need better guidance early in life to keep them away from heroin.

  • Clinton

    She’s how old and can’t spell complection? God doesn’t take drug addicts! God doesn’t take thieves! God doesn’t take home wreckers! Heroin addiction isn’t a disease it’s a choice! I know a lot of people will cry foul however I know a few people with cancer whom wish they could just stop doing something and their cancer would go away but it won’t because it’s a disease! Addiction a disease? No way just get help and quit and outlaw NAXALONE!!!

    • Bill

      It is a disease you’re just too ignorant to know. You can stop doing Heroin but it doesn’t take the disease away. You’re always addicted to it. Perhaps you should go back to school and learn something in life. Also, you mention god doesn’t take drug addicts, thieves, homewreckers. Well, actually, yes he does another topic you’re ignorant about. SMH. We are all sinners no matter how bad the sin is, sin is sin. So whether you want to be someone like yourself who is judging, I have news for you. God is the judge and you aren’t. And quite frankly, God loves everyone and he wants us to love everyone. Judging people is an equal sin as using drugs is. Wake up man, seriously.

      • magicmikexxsm

        BILL Hate to tell ya son but drug addiction is not a disease. Cancer is a disease, Heart disease is a disease..and so on…. taking a needle or snorting or smoking drugs is not a disease….
        That’s making excuses…..

      • Adam Tomasz Swieciaszek

        Tell our brave USA soldiers to stop protecting poppy fields, since the invasion almost 85% of heroin comes from Afghanistan before only 10% came. So what are we protecting over there other than oil ? Heroin Trade
        150,000 Troops couldn’t beat men in sandles a extra 5,000 will do it ? LAUGHABLE
        While Trillions are spent in Iraq and Afghanistan and it only got worse

    • Reznor Cash

      Clinton: You are attacking a dead girl’s poetry for a spelling error, which may have been a typo in the report. Further, you have mispelled Naloxone, as NAXALONE in all caps. Do you know what Naloxone is? Why would outlawing Naloxone help anyone? You state in your comment: “get help”. I suggest you research a few things, before making an even bigger fool of yourself. God has nothing to do with it. For you to assume you know what this God you speak of wants; is beyond arrogant.

    • donna

      when you are ignorant you shouldn’t make comments about something you know nothing about. People smoke and get cancer, people overeat and don’t take care of themselves and get diabetes, does that mean it is not a disease because they were careless with their own bodies. I have heard renown doctors who have studied addiction for over 30 years, and they have physical evidence that it is a disease . Maybe you should educate yourself before you put down others and make a fool of yourself. I just hope you never get a “disease” of any kind. Maybe you should wrap yourself in a bubble and avoid people. I for one would not want to be around you….you disease is hatred, and non compassion for your fellow man.

    • Renee Loggins

      Well hopefully you don’t know any addicts bc you would be the least helpful person ever. It’s funny bc my father in law had a severe stroke, almost died bc his diet is super unhealthy. He could never stop himself from eating badly, and it caused him almost death and the loss of a lot of his functions. No one looks at him as harshly as an addict even know he knew he was putting himself at risk, even know he should have changed his behavior. Addiction changes your brain pathways, besides the emotional issues addicts suffer, their brain takes a year alone of not using the substance to start working the right way again. It’s not as easy as stop. Your body is wanting it, your brain is actually looking for it in the same ways it tells you, its time to eat or drink. Doctors are just now beginning to understand the total impact drugs have on people. Not to mention, drugs are their own demon alone… they will steal everything away from a person, their hopes, dreams, money, family and leave them with nothing thinking they are nothing. These people need serious help. Jail doesn’t help, rehab is a portion of help but it needs to be more. The odds are against them, why do you think the problem is getting worse and worse? If you want to keep seeing families suffer, people die, keep going with your logic… it will do nothing for change, or for the good of people. I am not an addict, but have seen a really good person, a very smart person, battle with this for over 15 years. He is a college educated, successful business owner, but has lost things several times in his life bc of this battle. This is not something he wants for himself, it is something he prays to change, and has to fight with every single day. I myself shared a view similar to yours bc I was ignorant. Watching him struggle is what made me want to educate myself.

    • Dano

      I don’t usually get into the disease / choice debates because to me either way it is still a problem, and anyone who is affected by it should be dealing with the problem and any energy waste with that ridiculous debate is energy which should be spent on the solution.

      But I will say this, those who say it is a choice usually know someone who is addicted, or at least want addicts to get help. Well the most successful programs for recovery are AA/NA and in those programs the first step is admitting they are powerless over the addiction. Now these folks want addicts to get clean, but try to brainwash them and society into believing it is a choice which is the most counter productive thing I can think of. It’s the first damn step which helped million and millions to recover since the 1930’s.

      • Reznor Cash

        AA and NA are 5% effective. They are not the solution; yet the only thing people seem to think of as treatment. These 12 step programs have had an abysmal success rate, and science and medicine are starting to be more aggressive in getting facts out to the public. These programs have a place and have helped many, however we seem to be stuck with a system that has not progessed since 1930. Alcoholics Anonymous was proclaimed the correct treatment for alcoholism over seventy-five years ago despite the absence of any scientific evidence of the approach’s efficacy,and we have been on the wrong path ever since.

    • Dano

      And somebody above mention that people call addicts scumbags and losers, ect. But when someone dies like this beautiful young lady, everyone is compassionate and has wonderful, sorrowful things to say. The time to be compassionate and hopeful and helpful, is when they are alive And struggling, not when it’s too late……..

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, I just read her poem. Yep, junkie.

    Sorry, I don’t feel bad.

    It’s all right there. She laid it all out.

    • You ain't no better

      You are such a heartless idiot.I have never done drugs in my life, and I do not feel this way about an addict. You are trash yourself for writing the things you do. I’m sure you wouldn’t say this to this grieving families faces. Your day will come. Might not be drugs or alcohol, but you will someday get your karma. Too bad I don’t know you so I can see it . But honestly wouldn’t want to know such a heartless idiot like you. Got that?

  • Sad times

    I urge all of you being rude and insensitive to reconsider your remarks that are cruel ! Because if there is 1 thing I learned in my life, and that it is Universal and I have seen it, and experienced it is Karma and man does it playhardball when it comes back on you and you better believe it will at a time of it’s own choosing when you least want it to, to teach you how you hurt others

  • Robert J Mills

    May the Lord Jesus Christ give this grieving family the strength to deal with this tragic loss.


    The underground drug world in NEPA is worse than people think. But there is heck of a lot more jobs now then when i came out of high school in 1999. The hard workers are retiring and the young dont seem like they want to work just do drugs or live with parents till 30 plus.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Okay so your kids at a party, someone says hey sniff this powder…what are you out of your freaking mind????? Christ are the people of today that freaking stupid they snort something up their nose they have no clue as to what it is…’s sad that this poor young lady passed on, but come on people teach your kids better……

    • Writer Girl

      Maybe her parents did teach her better, but don’t underestimate the power of peer pressure and what drinking and partying can do to judgement. What you said is true, but as with many things in young lives, it’s easier said than done, and some people unfortunately, find out the hard way. Don’t do drugs. It’s not worth it.

      • magicmikexxsm

        WRITER GIRL what??? your response is stupid….We where all kids, and had to deal with peer pressure…..we have all been down that road, some of us pass and some fail.


    Number one…don’t quit your day job of being a heroin addict. The poem is horrible. It’s all about me, me, me,…Forget the parents and relatives and friends lives you altered over the past 5 years…Let’s gather all the addicts and bring whatever they want and let it end…Oh no, don’t do that…It’s all about me, me, me…Not only ruining your life but those you didn’t even realize…Need to be center of attention at all times…Friends supply $$ and positive reinforcement and you see the end result…Stop ruining other people’s lives that at one time, loved and cared for you…

  • Michael Smolinsky

    I am very sad for your loss. It sounds in her own letter like her world was crumbling around her long before she tried drugs. It seems the drugs were the result and not the problem. I wish someone would have showed her this much love back then! I hope she rests in peace.

  • Noreen Clark

    Who doesn’t like to get high. The daughter’s obit helps nobody. Just another dead Junkie.

    • seen it all

      Are you that mentally disturbed ? Drugged out of your mind isn’t anything to “like” , to where they prostitute and steal for the drugs and have no valid life. Your comment on an obit is of suck sickness that I pity you

      • Noreen Clark

        Are you calling this little party animal a prostitute ? At least she was working for it.

  • Lets Be Honest...

    This death matters because she was attractive. Those ugly white trash deaths and ODs, or POC ODs, that’s fine, but its wrong when we lose hot people. The down thumbs will just prove my point. We all think it.

  • Humanity

    What ever happened to the phrase “rest in peace.” Have we lost all of our humanity and compassion that we have to degrade the suffering family of a girl that lost her life, regardless of why her life was lost. Prayers and thoughts to everyone struggling today from whatever their battle is….even if they are not bold enough to accept it and face it yet.


    WNEP really should do away with the comments section as should all sites so all you losers can start worrying a little more about yourselves and a little less about people you never even met and have no idea about… stop judging everyone else in the world and take a long look in the mirror and fix yourselves

    • Mike

      Lol as you say your piece in the comments section. FYI nobody forces you to scroll down to the comments.

    • Bill

      I agree with you 100%. All just judging. Good luck in their life when they have to experience something so devastating and out of control.

  • Heartbreaking

    I feel so sad for Delaney’s parents. No parent wants to learn their child is hooked on any drug. Someone in my family is dealing with that right now, not one but 2 of her children are hooked. She has done everything she could. Ultimately it comes down to the addict to decide if they want to get clean or not. And to judge the parents and say all kind of mean stuff isn’t fair. I’m sure they did all that they could. Like I said it comes down to the addict to decide if they want to get clean or not. Blaming the family is just plain wrong. You can teach your kids right from wrong and talk to them about drugs but it’s their choice to do them or not to do them. Everyone in this world haß their own free will to do the right thing or the wrong thing. Mr.and Mrs. Farrell my prayers ànd thoughts go out to you and your family.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Tomtom, I usually don’t agree with you at all, but I do on this.

    Yes, it’s very sad these folks lost their daughter. What all the angry people in the comments section don’t realize is that she didn’t go from a sweet angel to a junkie in the 24 hours before she died.

    5 years!!! 5!!!!!

    That’s progression folks.

    It can be stopped and it needs education.

    Jails, institutions, and death. Anyone that’s spent 1 evening in a room, either AA or Al-Anon knows that. Death is a 33% option, split with jails and institutions.

    Also, the recovering addicts in the rooms can shrug off an overdose easier than a career military veteran can death in the field.

    I’VE SEEN IT!!

    They’ll shrug their shoulders and sip their instant coffee and powdered creamer and go back to sharing in the rooms.

    It sucks, it really does.

    Until something REALLY REALLY changes in our society to get this shyt off the streets, this will never change.

    I almost lost my brother to it. I told him if he goes back out, he’s on his own, cuz I’m done.

    So if I can do that with him, I can also shrug off another. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

    To this girl’s parents, I know you’re broken now. If you really want to help addicts, go to the meetings where the addicts and family members meet and mix, share your story there.

    Don’t expect miracles, but you may save one.

    Mic drop.

  • jake smule

    Just wait until all the marijuana dispensaries open you will not be able to count the number of opiate overdoses as kids learn that it is legal to do drugs and will quickly go from the marijuana to the opiates and others. Mark my words, it will happen.

    • pa citizen

      research the states where it is legal, opiate use and overdoses are down as much as 25%. marijuana is safe and can be used to treat many of the same things as opiates, and more.

    • joe

      The product is processed prior to it being dispensed with the THC removed.
      There’s no high involved from it.

    • Givemeabreak

      Now a day’s kids start with their parents scripts out of the medicine cabinet or alcohol not marijuana. Stop parroting failed drug war rhetoric. This isn’t 1982, more people die every year from scripts than illegal drugs.

    • Bill

      Has nothing to do with Marijuana. Alcohol is more dangerous than Marijuana. Ignorant people oh my. Go back to school.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Sorry for your loss folks, you needed to learn your part to play in it all.

    The closest people to the addict are very much a part of the problem.

    Pretty little blonde or not, at the end of the day, a junkie is a junkie is a junkie.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      You morons can thumbs down all you want. I have family and friends in the endless addiction cycle. I know what I’m talking about.

      • Kim

        You do not have a clue about addiction, NOTHING!!!!!EXCEPT YOUR JUDGMENTAL THOUGHTS. and I’m sure your family members and non friends have nothing to do with you.

      • TOMTOM

        Hey Kim…You being on this site, commenting, shows you were part of her problem. Nice job enabling her.

      • Get A Clue

        You really need to find a woman to take up some of your free time. Basically everything you say on here has no merit and you sound very very unintelligent on most topics

    • burtfan16

      Lloyd I usually get a chuckle or two from your comments. This one makes me want to slap you in the head. Sometimes it’s better to resist the urge and not type on the keyboard.

      • Lloyd

        Sorry man, slap away. I’ve been through it with so many junkies that I don’t care anymore. Yes, it has left me bitter.

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