Car Enthusiasts Revive Pottsville Cruise

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POTTSVILLE -- The Pottsville Cruise is being revived by a group of car enthusiasts. The event was canceled earlier this year.

About 20 years ago, the Pottsville Lions Club started hosting the Pottsville Cruise.  The cruise is an annual car show held in the city's downtown. The cruise was canceled earlier this year because the man who ran the event had a heart attack recently. Lions club members said no other members wanted to take on hosting the event.

"Oh, we were certainly sad about the prospect of it leaving," Craig Ray of Pottsville said. "It is such a great event for our community."

Lions Club member, Jerry Enders, who also owns the Jerry's Classic Cars and Collectables Museum in Pottsville, helped host the car show for several years.

"When it was on TV that the cruise as canceled," Enders said. "We started getting loads of calls."

A group of car enthusiasts stepped up to host the cruise for the Lion's Club, changing the name to Crusin' Pottsville.

"We just want to have a good time and keep the show going," Cruisin' Pottsville volunteer Harry Featherman said. "If they wanna take it back over, we will let them."

All of the proceed for the cruise will go to the Lion's Club. The Pottsville Cruise will take place on August 19th starting at 2 p.m. at Jerry's Classic Cars and Collectables Museum in Pottsville. For more details call (570) 590-3801.


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