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Picture Perfect Fourth-cast

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LAKE WINOLA -- Whether you spent the afternoon cooling off out on the water or staying dry on land, outside was a good place to be this Fourth of July.

"It's an opportunity to get out and enjoy. Everything else can wait. There will be weeds when I get home," Janet Fargo of Scranton said.

Newswatch 16 crashed some barbecues at Lake Winola to see how people were enjoying the weather.

"We have fireworks tonight, so the weather is crucial to our partying, our celebration of the 4th of July," James Gerrity said,

Gerrity lives on Lake Winola all year round, but Ariana Brutico is from Clarks Summit. With a family of four little kids, it would not be as easy for her if the weather was not as cooperative.

"We were glad to see that there weren't thunderstorms which would have us rushing off of the lake. Glad to see the temperatures will be warm so the water will be refreshing," Brutico said.

The common factor many folks could agree on was they do not remember a Fourth being this nice.

"I feel like my recent year memory is that they've been pretty cool, and we've had a hard time getting out on the boat and swimming, so this year it seems like the weather is super warm and allowing us to be outside," Brutico said.

Last year on the Fourth, it actually was warm with temperatures in the low 80s, but it was cloudy and rainy. The year before that on the Fourth, temperatures didn't get out of the 60s for most of the area.

"It just makes you enjoy the nice ones that much better," Gerrity explained.

He has grown up right on Lake Winola and seen many gray summer days in his lifetime, so he was just thrilled that was not the case this Fourth of July.