Motorcyclist Killed in Northumberland County

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EAST CHILLISQUAQUE TOWNSHIP — A man is dead after a motorcycle crash in Northumberland County Saturday night.

State police say Kyle Masden, 21, of Milton lost control of his bike on a curve on Mexico Road near Milton and landed in a ditch. He died at the hospital.

The crash is under investigation.


  • suicide machines

    Yup, they’re coming in now. The death reports that is. So sad. The holiday weekend really ramps the bike deaths up. Why do you guys ride these things? Even if you’re the perfect biker, why take the risk? Freedom? You guys have way to many risks out there. Dogs, cats, woodchucks, derr,people on cellphones etc. Why take this risk? Your body count will keep adding up at summer goes on.

      • You drive your car, I'll ride my bike

        No, I think ‘durrr’ is appropriate. What about the recent CAR accident that killed two young people near Harvey’s Lake? Why do people continue to drive cars, when there are things like trees out there? Why do you care either way?

    • Bill K

      Also, about half the time (if not more) the accident was caused by the motorcyclist. Yet we’re all told “watch out for motorcycles, they’re everywhere!” The signs should say “Bikers, please slow down and obey the speed limit like everyone else has to”

      • You drive your car, I'll ride my bike

        That would be fine if anybody obeyed the speed limits, but they don’t. Try driving the speed limit some day – you’ll get run off the road or rear-ended. 50% of the time it’s the bikers fault? Please cite your source of this statistic. I’ll agree there are some bad riders out there, but there are lots more cars, and lots more awful car drivers.

      • Bill K.

        Hi YOU DRIVE YOUR CAR, I’LL RIDE MY BIKE – I agree, no one drives the speed limit. I’ll admit I got 5-8 MPH over the limit. But motorcycles travel much, much faster. I have a long commute to work each day. It’s quite rare for me to pass a motorcycle. But they blow past me all the time. As far as my percentage figure goes, I use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stats. I tried posting the URL but that’s not allowed. If you type motorcycles crashstats nhtsa in to google and look at the second result you’ll see where I got my data. Here’s a quote from Page 3:
        “Data shows in 2013 that the most harmful event for 2,448 (51%) of
        the 4,774 motorcycles involved in fatal crashes was a collision with a
        motor vehicle in transport.”

        I couldn’t find anything more recent than 2013. If you know of anything more recent please post.


        Thanks for providing your source Bill, but I’m going to have to disagree with your interpretation of what it says. The article does not indicate who is at fault for the motorcycle v. other motor vehicles, and it’s only referring to a percentage of fatal collisions. your statement of ‘half the time (if not more) the accident was caused by the motorcyclist’ simply isn’t accurate in my opinion. We can agree that some riders are very irresponsible – I can tell you that I’m not one of them. I ride A LOT – if it’s above freezing I’m on two wheels. But I wear protective gear all the time, even when it’s 90 degrees out. I have never had a collision and have never crashed a bike on the road (off road dirt bike, different story). Stay safe out there – and please still watch for motorcycles, because I’m watching for cars and trucks.

    • Joe

      This is a close friend of mine who passed so please watch what’s said and show some respect for not only the deceased but his family as well!

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